27 Apr 2009

Neighbours of a woman who ended up in court for her noisy love-making were savouring peace and quiet today after she was locked up accused of breaking her anti-social behaviour order.

Caroline Cartwright, 48, was remanded in custody until May 5 charged with three breaches of her Asbo in just 10 days. The four-year order was imposed by magistrates in Sunderland on April 17 and prevented Cartwright 'making excessive noise' anywhere in England

Judges could be forced to bow to Sharia law in some divorce cases heard in Britain.

An EU plan calls for family courts across Europe to hear cases using the laws of whichever country the couple involved have close links to. That could mean a court in England handling a case within the French legal framework,or even applying the laws of Saudi Arabia to a husband and wife living in Britain...

As many as one in five British couples sleep in separate beds. According to a recent survey, snoring, tossing and turning, and talking in your sleep were cited as the main irritants, with ever more stressful careers and lives that demand a good night's rest making us increasingly reluctant to put up with them. But does choosing to sleep apart sound the death knell of intimacy? ...continue

Facebook messages, texts and internet addresses will all be logged and stored under new laws proposed by the Home Secretary today.Jacqui Smith said phone and internet providers would be legally obliged to retain records of customers' calls and internet usage.

However, the proposed plans fell short of a widely-predicted centralised database containing email, phone and web data.The information, to be stored for a year at a cost of £2bn, would be available to police in the event of criminal investigations...continue


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