24 Apr 2010

This day last year,at 1400,I received my miracle from the Lord.Two months earlier,I was introduced to a Houston,TX-based powerful woman of God,Apostle Esther.She taught me that when praying,I should ask the Lord for receiving,rather than seek for, my miracle because it was already there.She also gave recommended the ever powerful Psalm 91 to read every day for a number of days.And guess what,as she assured me,I eventually got something that has people waiting for up to a decade to get it, if they at all are successful.God is really Great,and this particular miracle is a living example.I would also like to thank Christha, the woman whose love and care comes only second  to my mother's,for introducing me to the Apostle,and for her tirelessly efforts in praying with me.Praise the Lord,Ameen.For Christa,I dedicate the following video (though I know you don't fancy secular music).

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