9 Apr 2010

Yea,I know,it's none of my business but,man,this story left me quite perplexed.Lots of stuff's already been said about what you might call 'the foreign arms of our ruling party CCM.And much of it isn't funny to read,but I personally don't have any issues with people exercising their democratic rights by forming or joining 'matawi ya CCM nje ya Tanzania'.However,as I once wrote,these branches and their members could surely be so instrumental in reforming the old party especially at times when it's perceived by many as the godfather of 'ufisadi'.Our bothers and sisters in the form of 'wanachama wa CCM nje ya nchi' could use their foreign experience to make CCM return to its root as a party of peasants and workers instead of leaving it being hijacked by and put in control of some unscrupulous tycoons (mafisadi). All I could ask our CCM friends in Russia is to settle their differences amicably and avoid tarnishing their party's and own images by the on-going infighting.I sincerely understand that this is a private party affair but wisdom could easily prevail by keeping this matter private instead of making it public.That's,however, not suggesting that the Moscow Branch of CCM should not make use of the web to keep the public informed of whatever they are up to.We have had enough of the thuggery of our local politics,and surely we wouldn't wish to see the same be replicated in the party's 'overseas branches'.The best thing to do with private problems is to see them stay private


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