16 May 2010

It's been quite a while since our Dear leader Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete last visited the United Kingdom.As a seasoned world traveller,and in the spirit of the Anglo-Tanzania friendship,I suspect JK will be here sooner than later.And in an effort to maintain his record as the first African president to meet Barack Obama,he certainly could be here in a matter of weeks if not days.

Just because you poor souls can't afford to visit other areas in Tanzania either because the fares are too dear,or your intended destinations are inaccesible due to TRL taking a long break from serving walalahoi,or simply because you're scared of dying after looking closely at the growing figures of road accidents (and subsequent deaths) doesn't mean our Dear leader,God's choice,JK should not continue to 'accumulate his international air miles'.

Yes,as Basil Pesambili Mramba once said,a president cannot travel on top of a camel.Of course,he was not really defending that infamous decision to buy a rarely used Presidential jet but rather the dough on its way to his own bank account.

Satiric or not,truth remains that our leaders are so distant from the led that they hardly understand why people keep on complaining about one thing or another.It goes without saying that if Dr Shukuru Kawambwa were to be stranded at a train station for just a couple of hours due to the TRL bullshit,he surely would understand how it affects walalahoi.And if JK trips were to rely on ATC,he certainly would have thought the importance of having a 'living' national carrier (ATC is long dead except for the name and the likes of Mustafa Nyang'anyi who make most of what's left of the corporation).

It's down to such distance that,for instance,our God-sent president came to the decision to order DCs to carry out house house-to-house searches to 'catch' kids who didn't up to schools despite having been selected to join secondary education.Assuming the searches pay dividents,would the militias acting on powers invested to them by the DCs be turning up at the 'truant' kids' homes day in day out to force them to go to schools?Did His Excellency Jakaya do any brainstorming as to why these kids chose to abscond school in the first place?They certainly are not allergic to education,or are they?Would it still chasing these kids deemed necessary had the much-hyped 'secondary school in every ward' corresponded with number of desks for students,housing and salary on time for teachers,and such logistical considerations?Although I truly understand the importance of education,I think this misguided directive should rather target owners of Kagoda and their fellow mafisadi than our innocent kids.

I know the privileged fews whose hands are superglued to the national cake would regard this article as being seditious.Whatever!That's all I can tell them.


  1. Decision will be made and regretable forever from my fellow Tanzanians is to re-elect JK as the President United Republic of Tanzania for second term. They could see him from his current goverment has not completed a single issue all scandals, scams and development pojects are left incomplete state. I think Hon. JK capability to carry on as Tanzanian Presidint is too much for him. He is not strong enough to build and lead Tanzania to be free/reduce-corruption at minimal level and CCM as party as whole. We need to come with fair and balance political parties in our country has parmenent solution onto our political system. Who is capable to do this. it is all in our hands Tanzanians voters

  2. Sadly quite typical - leaders try to hit a problem with a blunt instrument then hit the people when this doesn't work. Even young animals want education - they learn from their parents. When children cease to do the natural things that are in their own interest, something is very wrong.

    Leaders all over are either managers with no vision or just tyrants. We need wisdom and kindness in our leaders. I don't know any simple formula for this to be accomplished, but I'm sure that it is possible.



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