4 Nov 2010

Scores of iPhone users were late to work on Monday, after a bug in the software meant the device's alarm clock feature failed to adjust to Daylight Saving Time. Skip related content

Hundreds of angry comments were posted on the social networking website Twitter about the glitch on the Apple device, which occured even though the rest of the phone's features updated the time automatically.

"Well done Apple - you've made me decide I need to use a proper alarm clock rather than relying on my iPhone," one user tweeted.

"Stupid iPhone alarm clock went off an hour late. What a great start to the week," said another.

Australian iPhone users experienced similar problems three weeks ago, although alarms went off an hour early there rather than an hour late.

Apple said at the time that a software patch was being developed to resolve the issue. The technology giant has not yet issued an official response to the British version of the glitch.

The popular gadget has suffered a turbulent year. The latest iPhone 4 model has been blighted by problems with its antennae, proximity sensor and security system.

The latest fault can apparently be avoided by using one-off alarms instead of pre-set daily wake-up calls.


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