29 Jan 2011

TWELVE years is an eternity in music - but it's taken hip-hop legend DR. DRE that long to return.

The reclusive veteran producer, who launched SNOOP DOGG and EMINEM, finally issued his comeback single, I Need A Doctor, yesterday.

Dr. Dre f. Eminem I Need A Doctor CDQ

Its crashing rock drums and squealing guitars are far from the electro beats he's known for. And the lyrics are gushing, as Dre and Eminem swap verses saying they would be nothing without each other.

Dre also has a foul-mouthed pop at his critics, which is par for the course.

Universal insist his follow-up album to 1999 collection 2001, will come this year. I'll not hold my breath - but it's intriguing.


Prior to the release of this joint,Dr Dre had earlier dropped another track,Kush, featuring his protege Snoop Dogg and Akon.As usual,it's as exceedingly explicit as blunt-themed.Check the video below.

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  1. Lakini nasikia mwenye mahindi ya kuchoma nyumbani ,...

    ...huwa na mchezo wa kula mahindi ya kuchoma yale ya barabarani!:-(

    Na nasikia pia kuna utamu wa kuhudumiwa hata kama kubeba mzigo wakujipa utamu mwenyewe unawezekana!:-(



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