9 Feb 2011

Due to the growing demand and popularity of the hit reality show "Growing Up African" there have been several inquiries pertaining to television access. Growing Up African has become a huge success in several countries including the United States and U.K through the internet especially on their youtube channel. In order to translate this success to the general public especially those in Tanzania, the cast have chosen to take a direct approach. In a statement released by the family, Johnson the oldest son will be traveling to Dar es salaam for the month of February. On this trip, he will meet with several executives from the entertainment and television realm in order to make the show available to the average person. At the current moment, internet based entertainment is only vastly avalaible to those overseas. The purpose of this trip is to select a host television network for the reality show so it can become available to a much wider audience throughout East Africa.

Please visit the youtube channel to view the new episodes and previews of the show from 2011.

For more information please send all questions or concerns to [email protected] or sms to 845-518-5559.


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