29 Jan 2012

Hello to everyone, first and foremost thank you to the blogging community for supporting my family though the past couple of years. 
Growing Up African Season II is coming up bigger & better than ever before. As you know sponsorship takes a while so we are working through it. 

Sema Ukweri is a New Blog created by myself Johnson Lujwangana. It's presents my LIFE and my viewpoint living in both Tanzania & America.
The Blog will take you from a street corner in the Bronx to a busy restaurant in Sinza. From a party in las Vegas to a mellow dinner at Sea Cliff. 
Depending on my location and it changes everyday, you'll always get to read a mind scratching article. 
Is Man City the best team? Is college even worth it anymore? Who's the sexiest celeb in Bongo? What's the best trends in the industry?
What hairstyles workout for men? When should a man think about proposing? Is it okay to have a child out of wedlock? Am I my father's MIRROR! 

The BLOG is different and presents a real perceptive on today's issues. We all have issues, so I hope by being truthful it can help some of my readers in theirs.
CLICK ON the LINK BELOW, you thank me for it. 

PS: I decided to spell Ukweri instead of UKWELI just out of respect. 


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