19 Jan 2013

Bulgarian politician Ahmed Dogan looks at the gunman as he holds a gun at his head and misfires

Picha hizi na video hapo chini zinaonyesha jaribio la mauaji ya mwanasiasa wa Bulgaria Ahmed Dogan, wa chama cha Movement for Rights and Freedoms, alipokuwa akihutubia jukwaani. Kwa habari kamili BONYEZA HAPA

A 25-year-old man, pictured with a bloodied face after being tackled by security officials, was arrested at the scene

Two men stand over the gun that was used in the apparent assassination attempt

The unnamed man clearly had a security pass for the Movement for Rights and Freedom party's annual conference

Mr Dogan reaches out to try and stop the gunman from targeting him during the assassination attempt

Mr Dogan is left to fend for himself on the stage after the gunman approached at the conference centre in Sofia

The scene became frantic as more people went over to help apprehend the man

CHANZO: Daily Mail


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