26 Jun 2013

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon Bernard Membe has paid tribute to the ailing South African Father of the Nation, Mr Nelson Mandela saying Africa and the world still needs a healthy Mandela and his wisdom.

Speaking in a live Radio Clouds interview in Dar es alaam yesterday the Minister said Mr Mandela is one of the statesman on record for devising a successful peace and reconciliation with people who jailed him for nearly three decades.

"The world needs Mandela and pray to God for his quick recovery" the Minister noted in the Clouds' most popular program ' power breakfast'.

The Minister also said in the next one week Tanzania is going to host three major events, starting with the Smart partnership dialogue, the historic visit of the US President, Baraka Obama and First ladies Summit to be attended by George W. Bush, the former US President and his wife Laura.

Source: Mr Assah Mwambene, Director of Tanzania Information Service (Maelezo)/ Government Spokesman


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