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3 Mar 2010

Not every one is blessed with good looks. I for sure wouldn't dare to compare myself to the likes of Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington.However,I'm quite happy and comfortable with my "plain" (or ugly as others would say) looks.When you finish reading the following story, you certainly are going to join me in cherishing whatever looks we have.

A Conservative Party delegate,Lynden Stowe,had to confirm his identity when he was on his way to hear his party Leader David Cameron speak in Manchester.Stowe,who bears stark resemblance to a racist Nick Griffin,leader of a far-right BNP,has had similar experience in the past.In the Manchester incident,he had to show his ID to the police who thought he was the BNP leader.

This episode reminds me of a number of incidents that have been reported by the media about people with huge beards who have were mistaken for Osama bin Laden.Whether or not such incidents had anti-Islam sentiments is for me to judge but being a lookalike to a high profile racist or terrorist is a million times worse than just being plainly ugly.


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