3 Mar 2008

It's every Blackman's dream to see a fellow Black person in the White House.And for that matter,every Black person has is supposed to wish Barack Obama success in his attempt to rewrite American history by becoming the first non-White President of the US,the first Black President of the US of A.However,I just wish Obama does not win the Democratic Party nomination.Sounds weird,doesnt it?Well,simple reason is he would make too soft a target for Conservative smear campaign.And I believe that's why they pretend to admire his performances in the Dem's Primaries and Caucuses:they pray that Hillary Clinton loses to Obama,and that offers a Republican candidate an easy ride to the White House.I'm not suggesting that Obama is a weaker candidate than Hillary,he's shown over and over how strong,determined and likable he is.Conservatives are scared of competing AGAINST Hillary,who they paint as a divisive and controversial figure,because they know how strong and effective the Clinton's political machinery is.Why then is Hillary trailing in some polls?Well,it's not hard to see that she isn't only competing WITH Obama for a Dem's presidential spot but also AGAINST the Republicans and conservatives who knows what to expect should she emerge the winner in the Dem's race.The clips below might give you an idea as what to expect come a day when Obama is the Dem's Presidential candidate.If it's started this early while he isnt yet nominated to run for the presidency,imagine how dirty and vile swiftboat campaigns would be against Obama.


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