1 Dec 2008

Presidents and prime ministers, doctors 
and lawyers, scientists and schoolteachers, 
chief executives and trade union leaders, 
religious groups and communities, and 
– critically – people living with HIV, are 
coming together in a brilliant coalition 
that has proved that, with clear targets and 
strong commitment, we can move mountains.”
- UNAIDS Executive Director Peter Piot
2008 World AIDS Day message


  1. The truth on AIDS.

    The Brothers Flexner
    Nancy Turner Banks, MD, MBA

    Now if a ruling minority can enslave the mind of the people, control their ideas and their whole way of thinking, they have found an even more efficient weapon for subjugating them than the use of force, the military and the police. For then the people themselves assist in their own enslavement. If the rulers can make the people believe that they are inferior, wipe out their past history or present: in such a way that they feel, not pride but shame, then they create the conditions that make it easy to dominate the people.

    The Role of the Missionaries in Conquest, Nosipho Majeke

    Human beings are machines, levers which may be grasped and turned, and there is little real difference between automating a society and automating a shoe factory

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

    Three Brothers
    As the 20th century unfolded, three brothers, Abraham, Simon and Bernard Flexner played a sinister hand in shaping the outline of the next 100 years in the areas of medicine, politics and international intrigue. These brothers intensified the fire that was set to heat the cauldron from which arose the toxic brew known as HIV/AIDS. The idea for and the need to create such madness arose out of a historical, political, social, economic and spiritual milieu. It is the culmination of various historical trends merging into the present reality that were set in place by these three men. Simon, a pathologist, became director of the laboratories at Rockefeller Institute that were deeply involved in the racist and elitist eugenics movement; Abraham became education expert for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and set in motion the downward spiral of the quality of U.S. education, including medical education; Bernard, an ardent Zionist, was part of the Zionist delegation to the 1919 Paris Peace Conference held at the Versailles Palace following WWI. The outcome of this Conference set the conditions that directly led to the outbreak of WWII. * (Speech by Benjamin Freedman, owner of Woodbury Soap company and former Zionist at a lecture given at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. in 1961).
    Bretton Woods
    One of the most significant outcomes that WWII was induced to promote is what has become known as the Bretton Woods Agreement. The Bretton Woods Agreement established a postwar international monetary system of convertible currencies, fixed exchange rates and “free trade”. To facilitate these objectives, the agreement created two international institutions: the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the World Bank). This was the new form of colonialism—debt slavery of former sovereign and emerging nations to these financial institutions controlled by European and American central bankers. These bankers have subsequently wielded power previous potentates could only dream about. They now determine the internal domestic policies of just about every nation on the globe in favor of the global corporate structure. This is done by lending money to countries and then demanding that the countries institute structural adjustment programs to repay the loans. This is done by drastically cutting social expenditures, especially in health and education. These programs intentionally have left most of the planet’s people mired in perpetual and abject poverty.

    Bernard Flexner was also one of the founders of the powerful Council on Foreign Relations, a self appointed syndicate that dictates United States foreign policy in such a way that favors the globalization agenda which has made the Constitution irrelevant; the representative body of the people emasculated by their own corruptibility; and the sovereignty of the people an arcane notion. The people of the U.S. think they won WWII. They have yet to discover that their economy is at the mercy of the same bankers who are killing the aspirations of the third world.
    The Flexner Report
    It has been about 100 years since Abraham Flexner produced a document for Rockefeller and Carnegie interests titled the Flexner Report on Medical Education in America. The end result of this report was to congeal the “philanthropy” of the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations into a money mafia and radical monopoly that crushed healing modalities that would not subscribe to their “scientific medicine”. Medical schools have become experts at psychological conditioning of white coat repeaters who against scientific evidence engage in totalitarian behaviors that would be criminal without the sanction of the state. Enormous iatrogenic mischief and health damage is caused by people’s belief that they cannot cope with their own illnesses except by calling on the ministrations of a medical “expert”. This has literally given this industry the license to kill. The need of the medical professional for control of this aspect of people’s lives has gone so far that the AMA (American Medical Association) has called for legislation that could be used against women who choose home birth (which has been proven safe) that could result in criminal child abuse or neglect charges being leveled. (Big Medicine’s Blowback on Home Births, Jonathan Block L.A. Times July 9, 2008) According to a report by Gary Null entitled Death by Medicine, Iatrogenic medicine is the number one cause of death in the United States, outpacing both cancer and heart disease.

    At the top of the pyramidal structures that control the banking, military and industrial complexes are the interests that currently control medical education, the pharmaceutical industry, the Public Health sector via the Department of HEW, the FDA and the NIH and the Department of Agriculture--all of which are contributing to the continuing decline of the general health of the American people. (www.guardian.co.uk, Development: US fails to measure up on ‘human index’ by Ashley Seager, July 17, 2008)

    Allopathic Medicine
    The type of medicine promoted by Flexner is little more than a very clever marketing vehicle to sell the patented overpriced and toxic pharmaceuticals largely controlled today by the spawn of Rockefeller interests. It is the dominant medicine practiced in the United States and as Ivan Illich observed thirty years ago, is…a radical monopoly which (sic) feeds upon itself. Iatrogenic Medicine reinforces a morbid society in which the social control of the population by the medical system turns into a principle economic activity…” Expenditures on health care currently account for 16% of the GDP and are expected to rise to $4.2 trillion in 2016 or 20% of GDP.

    It is a system that manufactures diseases* (Selling Sickenss), promotes the dissemination of false information under the rubric of the scientific method and thrives on treating the symptoms of chronic diseases with toxic chemicals while ignoring the body’s natural biochemistry, biorhythms and electrical conductivity. It is a system created with the knowledge gained by one of the first major global corporations, the British East India Company.

    British East India Company and Opium
    THE BEIC’s premier product was opium. The people running this enterprise learned two major lessons from addicting the Chinese to opium—that narcotizing drugs can weaken an otherwise impermeable society and corrupt it internally making it ripe for control and that there are enormous profits to be made by creating two types of addicts: those who physically crave your product and those who financially crave the perverse rewards from destroying others. These were lessons not lost on the elites of Britain and the United States who ran this dirty business and who have been in charge of the largest global enterprise ever since—the worldwide control and distribution of narcotics. Both drug cultures, legal and illegal as well as the global monetary system that promotes poverty, war and genocide, play a major role in the need to create a disease category called AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a disease pattern that arose out of the confluence of global drug running and global medical, social and economic policies created with intent and malice aforethought at the highest levels. It is the result of the Bretton Woods agreement signed in New Hampshire in 1944.

    Beginning in 1913, the Rockefeller backed General Education Board gave millions of dollars to medical schools that disregarded naturopathy, homeopathy and chiropractic or any non toxic healing modality in favor of medicine based on the use of surgery, radiation and especially chemical drugs. Aided by the AMA, a medical monopoly was created. History will note that one of the most cleverly diabolical schemes was the ingenious marketing technique of training a cadre of unsuspecting physicians as a sales force for the drugs manufactured by the Rockefeller Trust. The system allows the doctor to remain aloof from the dirty business of selling while giving him the special privilege of being able to write prescriptions for nostrums he has been trained by the very drug companies who manufacture them to prescribe. Most of these drugs are only for the relief of chronic symptoms and have multiple deleterious side effects. Diseases are managed, they are not cured. Just as the British East India Company learned, repeat customers are wildly profitable.

    Disintegration of Public Health and the Rise in Disease
    This philosophical framework has had profound consequences on the cost and quality of medical care as well as on its current price inflation coupled with a diminishing quality of care milieu. In contrast to environmental improvements and modern nonprofessional health measures, the specifically medical treatment of people is never significantly related to a decline in the compound disease burden or rise in life expectancy. Ivan Illich, Limits to Medicine, etc. pg 21. Adequate food, shelter, clothing and a stable society are far more essential to good health than the best of medical care. These are public health measures which can no longer be controlled domestically by local governments because of their indebtedness to central banks and the new religion of globalization formalized at Bretton Woods.

    The logical consequence of the limited philosophical worldview of allopathic medicine is the scourge of diseases that are plaguing western societies: autism, developmental and learning disabilities, asthma and obesity in our children and cancer, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in adults and drug addiction to both legal and illegal drugs in both populations. This medical model subsumed under the domination of the military structure has led to the outbreaks of laboratory created super diseases such as Marburg and Ebola which kill horribly and are being used as offensive weapons, mostly in Africa. It has also lead to the creation of the idea, without scientific merit, that a single retrovirus known as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus is sexually transmitted, conclusively lethal and the cause of 29 different diseases. This idea is so preposterous that if there were true independent scientific intellectual elite, free from the burden of the church of money, this idea would have been laughed out of existence when it was first proposed by Dr. Robert Gallo and Margaret Heckler, Secretary of Health Education and Welfare under the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

    HIV/AIDS—Sloppy Science
    It has been twenty five long years that the medical and political interests in this country have promoted an unproven theory as fact—that a tiny retrovirus which has come to be known as HIV, and that has never been adequately isolated, is the cause of a collection of 29 disparate well known diseases which have now come to be known in a certain targeted subset only as the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS.

    When looking up the literature on HIV, what I found was absolutely startling. When the HIV/AIDS proponents were speaking about HIV, they were not speaking about a virus because they never isolated a virus. What they were calling HIV was nothing more than certain cellular characteristics and activities of cells in a laboratory setting produced under very special conditions—in other words HIV is a chimera—an imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts.

    HIV will be shown to be a false construct patched together with sloppy science used by the Nixon’s War on Cancer virus hunters to explain the body’s response to physiological stressors that overwhelm the function of the intracellular energy factories called mitochondria. It is a politically useful tool used to cloud the end result of the crimes of drug running and economic exploitation. What is being called AIDS should in fact more aptly be called AEDS or Acquired Energy Deficiency Syndrome—because its true cause is a breakdown in the delivery of oxygen to the blood and body tissues. Toxic drugs and nutrient deprivation create a metabolic meltdown that without proper intervention, can lead to death. No virus need apply. It is a true metaphor for the attempt by a global psychopathic class to smoother the vitality of the human spirit.

    The Reverse Transcriptase Enzyme is not the unique hallmark of Retroviruses
    HIV/AIDS experts claim that the hallmark of HIV which they say is an exogenous infectious RNA virus is the finding of a reverse transcription enzyme in culture medium. Finding this enzyme is an indirect observation that they claim proves the presence of a unique retrovirus-- the theory being that only where there is a retrovirus is there the enzyme reverse transcriptase. This, of course, is a false observation. Not only may there be exogenous or infectious retroviruses, studies have shown that 1% of the human genome consists of endogenous retroviruses* and evidence has accumulated showing that RTs are involved in a surprisingly large number of RNA mediated transcriptional events that include both viral and non viral genetic entities. The challenge is for the HIV causes AIDS believers to prove in fact that HIV is an infectious virus and not an endogenous and anticipated internal physiological response to external persistent physiological challenges—such as narcotics, steroids, prescription drugs, nutritional deprivation and other biological stressors. The science that is calling HIV an exogenous or infectious virus has yet to prove that a) it is exogenous and b) that it is the cause of AIDS. This may seem surprising, but much of science is based on theory that works, until it doesn’t. When the theory reaches its limits of explanation and new understanding of observed phenomenon are ardently resisted, great damage ensues. This is the case with the HIV causes AIDS theory. The stigma of HIV has literally become a license to kill.

    Using False Constructs while forgetting the Facts of Evolutionary Biology
    This idea of the endogenous (as opposed to exogenous or infectious) retrovirus is very important because it tugs at the corrupt heart of genetic dogma, namely that DNA was the first genetic material of living organisms and functioned in a unidirectional manner—that is RNA was transcribed from DNA but that RNA could not be transcribed back into DNA. This goes against the bidirectional nature of genetic material and the observations of evolutionary biology. Evolutionary biology has established the evidence that RNA not DNA was in fact the first genetic material of ancient living organisms. In other words, life began with an RNA genome and it was not until later, when more complex forms developed, did DNA become the primary genomic material. From the beginning there was a bidirectional communication between RNA and DNA and this was catalyzed with the reverse transcriptase enzyme. There was a whole body of literature supporting these findings (mainly from Europe) that was suppressed by Nixon’s War on Cancer virus hunt. This bidirectional synthesis requires reverse transcriptase. Therefore this enzyme is not unique to infectious retroviruses but is common in all forms of life. It is a repair mechanism for chromosomal DNA. This very basic science renders the original papers presented by Robert Gallo claiming to have discovered a new retrovirus, suspect at the very least. From the beginning, HIV science was a giant mind game to designed pacify a desperate homosexual community and to frighten the rest of the world into submission to the tyranny of the medical establishment.

    Cytogenetics before WWII had well established that genetic material is not stable. It is subject to change and it is reverse-transcribed, but because mainstream molecular genetics was committed to the central dogma that there is no such thing as reverse transcription from RNA to DNA. In 1970 when they detected biochemically that there is a reverse flow of genetic material, they didn’t give up the central dogma, they just created an exception and explained it by postulating the existence of retroviruses.* Another very important fact is that retroviruses were never known to be killer viruses in man. (Stefan Lanka) In other words, what is being called HIV, which was only detected indirectly with an antibody test, is likely no more than a physiological response (elevated antibodies) to a body under stress in a hypercatabolic state attempting to repair itself. Because of genetic variability among racial subgroups this antibody response is more pronounced in some people than in others.

    Non-specific Antibodies do not a Distinct Virus Make
    This begins to make sense when one considers that at least 77% of the 2,349 patients who participated in the four major clinical trials with AZT, one of the first drugs used on AIDS patients, (1986 to 1992) were HIV negative prior to their treatment with AZT. Even more importantly, when independent researchers were finally able to get access to Gallo’s original research, they discovered that no virus was found in any of Gallo’s patients--only antibodies against it. Antibodies are traditionally a sign that the immune system has rejected the virus.

    Nixon’s War on Cancer Leads Scientist on a Wild Virus Chase
    Nixon’s War on Cancer was not only effective in suppressing pre WWII cytogenetics research, it was equally successful at suppressing the work of Otto Warburg, a German scientist, who won two Nobel Prizes and was nominated for a third for his work on showing that the underlying cause of cancer was a chronic oxygen deficiency which at the cellular level causes the replacement of the oxygen respiratory cycle of energy metabolism with the fermentation of sugar, a much less efficient energy production system. This energy transformation can lead to apoptosis of cells (a die off) or to the ultimate reversion of a mature cell to an embryonic state—cancer. More importantly, much recent research has confirmed Warburg’s findings and has further shown that reduced oxidative metabolism is a factor in the development of many chronic diseases. This is vitally important in understanding AIDS. People diagnosed with AIDS are in a hypercatabolic low oxygen state where the body becomes exhausted attempting to repair itself. Instead of being given nutrients and antioxidants to help the repair process, people who are HIV positive are being treated with the type of drugs that bring about the slow asphyxiation of cells that are already oxygen deprived—thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Antibodies and Immunity
    The HIV antibody tests are another scientific conundrum never fully explained. An elevated antibody count has been historically used to identify those who have immunity to a disease. For example, after you receive a measles vaccine your anti-measles antibody count rises. This elevated count signifies your immunity from contracting that particular disease. This is the underling theory of vaccines. If your antibody count drops you are to said to need a booster shot for the specific purpose of raising your antibody levels, called titers. It is claimed that the vaccine will raise your immunity to the disease by increasing your antibodies against this pathogen. Yet in the case of HIV, when your antibody titers are already elevated indicating that your body is working normally and has developed an immunity to HIV you are said to not be immune and subject to the development of AIDS—a scientific wonder never explained by those promoting this theory. Yet the AIDS promoters are promising a vaccine against AIDS knowing that any vaccine would produce the exact antibodies, in which case people would be said to be immune from AIDS. If you are already confused, that seems to be the point of HIV “science”. Thus far, there has been no viable vaccine produced and it will be interesting to see just how long that little charade continues. (Note: it will continue as long as the money flows to this misguided research)

    Epidemic Intelligence Service Sells AIDS to the Public
    The scientific facts about HIV and AIDS have not gotten in the way of the disease purveyors from the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) and the marketing mavens of the pharmaceutical industry selling drugs to the medically hexed that in fact ultimately lead to their demise. One must ponder why is it that millions of dollars of government and private money has poured into AIDS research which is out of proportion to the number of people who die from this disease in comparison to heart disease or cancer. Since 1980, more people have died each year in car accidents, and four times more Americans have been killed by prescription drugs than from AIDS. According to a 1998 ranking of U.S. fatalities, AIDS was number seventeen with 16,685 deaths compared to heart disease (725,790 deaths), diabetes (62,332) or Alzheimer's disease (22,527). Despite the small number of cases and deaths, federal funding for AIDS has been disproportionately excessive compared to other ailments that kill more Americans. For example, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) allocates $2,400 per patient in research money to AIDS compared to $230 for breast cancer, $108 for heart disease, and $28 for diabetes. Moreover, under the pretext of a growing pandemic, those with AIDS receive special emergency funds through the Ryan White CARE Act and ADAP that people with other diseases do not. (Disease Politics, ABC News 20/20, 10/11/99) I am not implying that people with a positive HIV test should be ignored, but one must consider that there is always more than one agenda being served. There are political reasons for keeping HIV/AIDS on the public’s mind. There are political reasons that it has become a problem among Black women, who have always been the ultimate targets.

    As an allopathic physician, when the AIDS story broke, I believed it. I lived in New York and I had friends who had supposedly died of the dreaded disease. I was busy finishing my residency and starting my practice and I trusted what the “experts” were telling me at medical conferences. It was not until I was to face my own health challenge unrelated to HIV that I began to look for alternative ways to heal myself. I began to examine the history and dynamics of the profession I had chosen. My studies brought me to the realization that the allopathic medical profession is controlled from the top by the same interests that control banking, oil, precious metals, the military and associated intelligence agencies, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the various foundations and think tanks which frame and limit all level of intellectual inquiry in the United States and throughout their empire. The thread of history and the families involved in these enterprises run back at least to the horrible story of the savagery of British East India Company and its drive for global resource domination which resulted in the deaths of millions in India, Africa China and the United States and ultimately lead to the American Revolution.


    The descendents of the families who ran the British East India Company and their minions used the proceeds of their drug running to invest in the rapid industrialization of the West. Today they are running many current major concerns that form the interlocking directorates whose members belong to such organizations as the Council of Foreign Relations, The Round Table, the Bilderberg Group, The Royal Institute of International Affairs and other self interested groups at this level who meet in private behind gates and armed guards to decide the world’s destiny. * (Committee of 300 by John Coleman) Some of the members of these groups in the United States are the heirs of the opium lords of New England whose well funded think tanks have elevated the justification of the insane to an art form.

    Medicine serves as another tool for furthering the long planned agenda of a unified global economic and political structure far removed from the democratic processes that most consider fundamental to the sustainability of civil society. As Zbigniew Brzezenski of Johns Hopkins University, foreign policy advisor first to President Jimmy Carter and now to Barak Obama, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations has observed, “Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization.” America is now without doubt an empire and behaving just as blindly and brutally as did the Romans, because of hubris and overextension, when their empire began to crumble.

    The Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries and has another 6,000 bases in the United States and its territories. (Chalmers Johnson, “The Arithmetic of America's Military Bases Abroad: What Does It All Add Up to?”) This empire, like others before it, sucks up the creative energy of captive populations. On a symbolic level, AIDS which is in truth, an energy deficiency process is a pure manifestation of the Matrix cocoon tower—the tower of humans that powered the machine and were left with the mind meld delusion of living in a dimensional world. AIDS is not a disease caused by a phantom retrovirus. AIDS is a weapon of psychological warfare and a cover story to prohibit the understanding of the political, economic and especially the spiritual enslavement of Africa and Africans of the Diaspora while simultaneously expropriating their wealth.

    Allopathic medicine is part of the empire system. Rather than being employed as a means to restore health, allopathic medicine, at the highest levels of decision making, is being used as a method for weakening people physically, mentally, spiritually—and financially. Half of all bankruptcies are due to a medical illness even though 75% of those who filed a bankruptcy petition had insurance coverage at the start of the illness. Bankruptcy petitions are up 360% since 1980 but in 2005 that did not stop Congress from passing and George Bush from signing a new bankruptcy bill that was a credit industry wish list. This bill provides nothing to stem the abuse of usury of the credit and banking industry to the consumer and is designed to push more people into insolvency and financial enslavement to the banking cartel.

    Further evidence that medicine is being used by the empire to weaken people is supported by a report entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” published in September of 2000 by a group calling itself “The Project for the New American Century” (PNAC). In addition to calling for a new Pearl Harbor like event (manifested on Sept. 11, 2001) which was needed to justify the incursions into the Middle East, on page 60 they call for the use of…”advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes (that) may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” Some of those who signed this document were William Kristol of the Weekly Standard, Dov Zakheim (a dual Israeli/American citizen and a Shul Rabbi) who just happened to misplace $3.4 trillion dollars during his stint as controller at the Pentagon *(A story from the Pittsburg Post Gazette “Army Unit Piecing Together Accounts of Pentagon Attack”, noted that “One Army office in the Pentagon lost 34 of its 65 employees in the attack. Most of those killed in the office, called Resource Services Washington, were civilian accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts. They were at their desks when American Airlines Flight 77 struck.”); I. (Scooter) Lewis Libby—better known for his outing of a covert CIA agent (who was working on nuclear proliferation issues) and then lied about it before a grand jury; Paul Wolfowitz who embarrassed himself by promoting his girlfriend ahead of qualified others and had to step down from his position as head of the World Bank. Others who signed: Elliot Abrams who served on the National Security Council, Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State, Gary Bauer, William Bennett, John Bolton, William Buckley, Jeb Bush, Frank Carlucci, Dick Cheney, Steve Forbes, Edwin Meese and James Webb.

    These people and their call for offensive intervention (the crime for which the Nazi war criminals were tried and executed), until they had their “Pearl Harbor like event” were so far out of the mainstream that they were dubbed by Washington insiders as “the crazies”. The sad fact is that these political elites, many of whom are Jewish, called for the use of bio-weapons to target specific genotypes. This was an outrageous suggestion coming from people who use the European Holocaust as a political weapon to silence those who would challenge any of their political or economic intrigues as anti-Semitic. There was not a peep from the press nor the medical industry to the havoc that would be manifested by this baneful idea--yet the idea already exists. Since 1996 six to seven million people have been slaughterd in the Congo to depopulate areas rich in natural resources coveted by Western corporations. People are dying—not from AIDS, but from wars induced and sponsored by western powers, poverty as the direct result of World Bank structural adjustment programs, malaria, tuberculosis and diarrhea because of WHO money going to vaccines instead of infrastructure and psychological trauma from the dislocation in time and space of whole cultures and civilizations. AIDS is the bio-weapon cover story that is the politically useful tool. It turns the victims of the massive crimes of Western elites into over sexualized and indiscriminate people who have not the capacity for self control even when faced with the possibility of a horrible and untimely death. These creatures could hardly be trusted to be responsible for the diamonds, copper, coltan or oil found on their ancestral lands. So it is with zeal, that the same elites, who are stealing their wealth, create a whole support industry under the guise of philanthropy to bring them toxic drugs that do nothing but hasten their demise.

    In 1966 Carroll Quigley, professor of history at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a mentor of former President Bill Clinton, wrote, “The powers of financial capitalism had a far reaching (plan), nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political systems of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.” (Tragedy & Hope). The medical cartel is part of that world system and has been organized for profit and control since the Rockefeller drug syndicate appropriated medical education at the beginning of the last century. The idea that progress in medical science, which might be used to save millions of lives would be deliberately thwarted to promote profitable drugs and unnecessary vaccines and to promote a political agenda that seeks to weaken people to make them easier to control is so abhorrent that it seems unthinkable—but history is defined by the unthinkable. One need only look at the general decline of health of the U.S population and especially the children to see the outcome of this idea. Adult and childhood obesity and attendant diseases are at epidemic proportions. Another indicator of the general health status of a country is its infant mortality rate. A 2006 CNN report noted that the US has the second worst newborn death rate in the modern world. The US is not even listed in the top ten of industrialized nations for life expectancy—yet the US spends more per capita than any other country. With only 5% of the world’s population, the United States uses almost 50% of prescription drugs. If we say we believe in outcomes based medicine, we are certainly not getting out money’s worth.

    Questioning the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis—How the Hunt Began
    Several years ago, I began to meet people who had been told they were HIV positive but who had not taken the recommended drugs. These people had chosen instead to change their thinking and their way of living (habits and diet), and they were alive and well many years after having been hexed with a positive HIV test. Some of these people were now HIV negative. Audrey Serrano of Worcester, Massachusetts won a $2.4 million verdict in 2007 for a wrong diagnosis. She developed AIDS symptoms after being started on the protease inhibitors and DNA chain terminator drugs. There was no confirmatory HIV antibody test before the drugs were started. When she stopped the drugs, against medical advice, her health was restored. Doubting her diagnosis, she retook the test and this time it was negative. Her story is not an anomaly.

    Rodney Richards, PhD., worked on the development of antibody (ELISA) and genetic “viral load” tests for Amgen and holds some related patents. “The diagnosis of being HIV positive is based on arbitrary combinations of tests, none of which are approved for diagnosing HIV…in fact there is no test for HIV. It’s just an illusion.”* (Worchester.IndyMedia.org, Verdict of $2.4 million Over False-Positive HIV Diagnosis Brings up Basic Problems with AIDS Testing and Treatment, Say Scientists, Dec. 12, 2007)

    My challenge was to reconcile what I had learned from these people who did not fit the paradigm with the official version of the HIV/AIDS story—that being infected with the HI virus would inevitably lead to one of the defining AIDS diseases within seven to ten years and that anyone who tested positive for HIV once would always be HIV positive. The fact that I was meeting long term survivors did not make sense if the stated AIDS hypothesis were true. Were the people I met just anomalous oddities or was there a bigger story?

    The search was on for answers. I would go down every rabbit hole I found, which added up to a considerable number over the course of nearly three years. The confusion, obfuscation, disinformation and propagation of junk science overlaying the facts of the AIDS story were simply astounding.

    I started with an exploration of the obvious conspiracies. I read Alan Cantwell’s Queer Blood and Leonard Horowitz’s Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola and several others. Books such as these offered compelling epidemiological and political evidence indeed that a virus created in the laboratories of Ft. Detrick, Maryland, Litton Bionetics, and other research facilities both here and abroad was released into the population via hepatitis vaccination in the United States and smallpox vaccinations in Africa. I also read Edward Hooper’s well researched book The River: a Journey Back to the Source of HIV and AIDS, which suggested that an experimental oral polio vaccine grown on chimpanzee tissue may have contained the ancestor of the HIV virus. I knew that correlation did not equal causation and these correlations, while compelling, biochemically did not satisfactorily account for the twenty-nine different diseases called AIDS in the United States and Africa nor did this research explain the non-epidemic nature of this “epidemic”. I also remembered what Col. Fletcher Prouty who was a military pilot, an OSS officer, a liaison officer between the Pentagon and the CIA and who wrote a compelling book about the CIA called The Secret Team had to say about the nature of clandestine operations. The operations themselves were relatively easy compared to creating the cover story to make them believable to the public. Confusion is the operative world.

    Indirect tactics, efficiently applied, are inexhaustible as Heaven and Earth, unending as the flow of rivers and streams; like the sun and moon, they end but to begin anew; like the four seasons, they pass away to return once more. Sun Tsu

    The orthodoxy considers that the HI virus causes the many disease process known as AIDS by killing a subset of T cells which help to protect the immune system, but the research was showing that the virus, when it could be found at all, was found on the average in only 0.l percent of the these cells—certainly not an efficient infection rate that could cause the kind of damage being claimed. In a startling revelation at a 1994 meeting held in Washington sponsored the US National Institute of Drug Abuse, Gallo, who claimed to have “isolated” the HIV virus admitted “We have never found HIV DNA in the tumor of KS* (Kaposi Sarcoma—one of the AIDS indicator diseases)…in fact we have never found HIV DNA in T-cells.”* (Lauritsen JL, NIDA meeting calls for research into the poppers-Kaposi’s Sarcoma connection. In: Duesberg PH, eds. AIDS: Virus or Drug Induced. London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995:325-330) In effect, these findings should have abandoned the T cell hypothesis to medical Siberia, but measuring T cells is another profit center, why give it up ? Yet the stories got more convoluted trying to prove the point.

    As will be shown, no real AIDS epidemic has ever materialized. In the United States, the number of HIV positives has remained at around a million since testing began. There however have been two concurrent epidemics that can explain many of the disease entities being called AIDS. In the West and more specifically the United States there has been a drug epidemic and a very high correlation between AIDS cases and this drug epidemic. Many of these imported drugs and legal drugs such as prednisone and the sulfonamides are strong oxidative agents which when taken chronically over time combined with the deleterious effects of the drug lifestyle and poor dietary habits have a severe negative impact on energy metabolism at the cellular level. In other words, they poison the cells respiratory mechanism.

    About 80 percent of early AIDS cases came from a group of 25 to 44 year olds, 90 percent of whom were initially male and mostly Caucasian. An article written by Peter Duesberg, a world renowned virologist and challenger of the AIDS hypothesis, “The Role of Drugs in the Origin of AIDS”, observed that the appearance of AIDS in America followed a massive escalation in the consumption of recreational drugs that took place in the 1960s and 1970s. This was followed by the crack epidemic of the 1980s which had an immense impact on Black communities throughout the United States. Duesberg postulated that the AIDS epidemic was a subset of the drug epidemic. Drugs are strong oxidizing agents that when used chronically challenge and eventually overwhelm the body’s energy producing mechanisms and then the immune system. This is the biochemical key to solving this crisis. It had already been recognized that young drug addicts had been dying on the streets of London and New York with AIDS like symptoms years before Margaret Heckler Secretary of Health and Human Services during the Reagan administration and an ethically challenged government scientist, Robert Gallo held their April 23, 1984 press conference announcing that HIV was the “probable” cause of AIDS.

    According to Professor Duesberg:
    …The widespread escalation in drug use began largely during the Vietnam war, about a decade before the appearance of AIDS…not only did the drug use epidemic take off shortly before AIDS appeared, but it hit hardest among precisely the same risk groups...both AIDS and drug use, for example, are concentrated in younger men. Between 1983 and 1987 the death rate among American men ages twenty-five to forty-four increased by about 10,000 deaths per year, the same as the average number of AIDS deaths per year in that time period.

    Since the CDC began reporting the number of people identified as HIV positive through the use of the HIV antibody test, the number has not significantly changed from the baseline of 1 million. From 1986 to 2005 the swing in the number of HIV positives has remained between 1 and 1.5 million. This is not an epidemic. The HIV test was a new test that discovered something that was already endemic in the population as a whole—this was a radical misuse of science to stigmatize and target a subset of the population for medical and mind control. Thus far it has worked pretty well.

    Human Experimentation –Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

    Was History Repeating Itself?
    Many families have skeletons in their closets they would rather keep hidden. The medical family is no exception. The Tuskegee experiment to evaluate the natural history of syphilis was well known to me. This shameless experiment was carried out by the United States Public Health Service from 1932 to 1972. The subjects were illiterate Black sharecroppers who were suffering with syphilis, a deadly and debilitating sexually transmitted disease if left untreated. When the Public Health service entered these men into the study, they did so without informed consent and without telling them the nature of this disease—that it could be transmitted sexually to their wives and partners and if left untreated, to their unborn children as well. It was never explained to them that the long-term consequences of this disease could be blindness, heart disease, paralysis, insanity and death. The study continued twenty five years after penicillin had been recognized as an effective treatment for the disease (1947) and the drug was commercially available to physicians in the United States. This study was done solely to satisfy the morbid curiosity of the researchers with no benefit to the annals of scientific knowledge and no benefit to the men and their families who were intentionally left to deteriorate under the ravages of syphilis. Someone in the Health Service finally reported “nothing learned will prevent, find, or cure a single case of infectious syphilis or bring us closer to our basic mission of controlling venereal disease in the United States.” This was the ethical challenge needed, which took forty years from the study’s inception to bring this deplorable medical saga to a conclusion. When the experiment was brought to the media’s attention in 1972, news anchor Harry Reasoner described it as an experiment that “used human beings as laboratory animals in a long and inefficient study of how long it takes syphilis to kill someone.” This study was taking place at the time of the horrors of the German concentration camps and while the US was condemning the human experiments that happened in Germany and Japan, the US Public Health Service continued happily on with this home grown human experimentation.

    In 2004 the BBC screened a documentary that exposed drug trials of AZT and nevirapine on the orphan population of HIV-positive children in New York City. The film, Guinea Pig Kids, by BBC reporter Jamie Doran, identified Glaxo- SmithKline as one of the companies supplying the drugs used on children as young as three months old. There were several things that were highly egregious about this study. One was that even when the children were having serious side affects from the drugs and refused to take them orally, they had feeding tubes surgically inserted directly into their stomachs. This is the totalitarian social control aspect of medicine alluded to previously. These orphans had no protector. Neviriprine can cause extreme skin reactions and liver damage leading to death. When the children died of the complications of the drugs they were said to have died from AIDS. It was simply unconscionable that these children were entered into a study using this toxic chemical. This drug had been red flagged because of the poorly done and highly suspect trials of the drug performed in Uganda. The specter of the terrible consequences of using this harmful agent had already been raised by a whistle blower at the NIH, Dr. Jonathan Fishbein. It seems that the trials in Uganda failed to meet even the most basic standards for ensuring patient safety and data accuracy. The NIH admitted that the study was “flawed”, but again used the bookkeeping language by stating that the benefits outweighed the risks—to whom, the children or the drug company? When a reporter, Liam Sheff, asked Kathryn Painter, the medical directed of the Incarnation Children’s Center in New York City where the children were literally imprisoned and made to take this drug against their health and will, why she didn't use alternative treatments such as fresh air, good nutrition and immune system boosters instead of toxic drugs, she slammed him by saying, “Yes, of course drugs have adverse reactions, but the risk/benefit of any medication must be weighed. May I remind you that untreated HIV infection is a terminal diagnosis?”

    This of course is a total lie. At least 75 percent of children, who are HIV positive at birth because of passive immunity transmitted from the mother, will be negative by 18 months with absolutely no toxic therapy. (NEJM, 11.3.94; 331:18 p1176-1177). Studies have shown that for the properly nourished HIV positive expectant mothers receiving regular prenatal care, over 90 percent of their children test negative with no drug therapy. (Semba, R. et al 1993 Increased Mortality Associated with Vitamin A Deficiency During HIV-1 Infection Arch Int Med 153:2149-2154) Those children who are at risk for dying, again largely come from Mother’s who are drug addicted and or severely malnourished. This was not always the case for the innocents at this Catholic charity foundling home. These children were not given a chance for life.

    The War Department has a long history of human experimentation on both civilians and soldiers. There is the famous study done in Rochester, New York where patients were injected with highly radioactive plutonium during the time of the Manhattan Project that lead to the creation of the atomic bomb. A more the recent flap arose during the first Gulf War in 1991 when soldiers who were given an experimental and dangerous anthrax vaccine with a toxic adjuvant and developed multiple illnesses, including death. This most recent Gulf War has seen the rise in the use of depleted uranium munitions and again the suppression of the information of its deleterious side effects and its role in “Gulf War Syndrome” by the military brass.

    History was replete with other medical madness. As a gynecologist I was well acquainted with the history of Dr. J. Marion Sims “The Father of Gynecology” whose story leads back to one of the opium lords, John Jacob Astor. There is a statue of Sims in New York’s Central Park at Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street near the hospital where I did my residency in obstetrics and gynecology. Sims became famous for perfecting a surgical technique for the repair of pelvic trauma that can occur with prolonged or traumatic childbirth. The trauma can cause tears in the bladder or rectum which spill into the vagina and are known as fistulae. This type of injury is now relatively unknown in the West but is still quite common in less developed countries where women sometimes spend days in labor and have little access to qualified midwives. Sims conducted his research on enslaved women at a time when they were listed as property. According to his biographer, these operations were “little short of murderous.”

    When the plantation owners refused to allow him to conduct further experiments on their slaves, he was forced to purchase a seventeen year old girl for $500. Within a few months he had performed some thirty operations on the unfortunate girl named Anarcha without the benefit of anesthesia. Even this medical monstrosity was too much for many of the plantation owners. Simms had to leave the South. Once his technique was perfected, he traveled north where he became celebrated as the gynecologist of the East Coast socialites. Sims bought a house on Madison Avenue, where he found a supporter in the heiress of the Phelps Empire, Mrs. Melissa Phelps Dodge. When Sims got himself into medical trouble again and was fired from a hospital in New York he was then contacted by members of the Astor family, whose fortune was founded on old John Jacob Astor’s ties with the East India Company, the British Secret Intelligence Service and the international opium trade. Astor also owned vast tracts of fetid disease producing slums in New York which were inhabited by the newly arriving European immigrants. The relationship that the old line east coast drug kingpins have to the current intelligence agencies, the world wide drug trade, the globalization agenda and the creation of AIDS is a theme that has heretofore not been explored.

    In Robert Harris’ and Jeremy Paxman’s A Higher Form of Killing, I learned about the government’s deployment of chemical and biological weapons on both the US military and civilian populations and in Harriet A. Washington’s Medical Apartheid, I read a chilling account of unethical research directed at the Black community that continues as I write. Further confirmation of the government’s willingness to involve unwitting civilians in the most horrendous medical experiments came from reviewing the U.S. Senate’s Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee of Human Resources dated August 3, 1977. The CIA developed a program known as MK-ULTRA paid for with taxpayer money and which likely began after WWII. This was a period when the United States allowed scores of Nazi war criminals and scientists to begin mind control and germ warfare experiments on American citizens. The importation of these scientists was called Operation Paperclip and was overseen by Allen Dulles of the CIA. The roll of Dulles in this deplorable business becomes more understandable on examination of the Dulles family history.

    The Dulles family was also product of the British East India Company. William Dulles (Douglas), the ancestor, left Ireland around 1780 to join the firm and after making his fortune with the company on the Indian subcontinent bought a slave plantation in South Carolina with his loot. The plantation was held by the Dulles family through the Civil War. Later, the family and its money moved north and continued their involvement in international intrigue. Both Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles worked for a time at the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell. Sullivan, a Northerner, was briefly jailed during the Civil War on treason charges because of his close relationship with leaders of the Southern insurrection.

    John Foster Dulles, who became Secretary of State in the Eisenhower administration, in a letter sent to his father dated 18, August 1911 related his rather degenerate and philistine philosophical worldview…”With man, as with every other form of life, there is this same tendency for the birth rate to far exceed the death rate, with the inevitable results of an overcrowded population in which some must be eliminated. (Emphasis added) Who those to be eliminated are depends upon who are weakest and who are strongest in the competition which necessarily ensues…Biology tells us that it is only by means of this competition and elimination that progress is made. For the tendency of a race to retrograde and it is only by eliminating the lower members that a higher is maintained…It is among the poor that the process of elimination takes place…They are not to be killed outright, but they do perish indirectly. They do not have sufficient shelter, their food is insufficient and perhaps…impure…consequently they and their children fall an easy prey to disease…legislation may do somewhat to keep down in a more humane way this sector of population only born to perish.”

    Given those sentiments, it is hardly a surprise that the Dulles brothers were part of the legal and banking community in the United States that aided Hitler’s rise to power.* When Allen’s little Nazi Paperclip mind-control project that had imported scores of Nazi scientists was finally brought to light the excuse at that time was to counteract the alleged threat of advances in similar research by the Soviet Union who had been the US ally in WWII but became the manufactured threat for continued military spending and global expansion after the hot war.

    Given this history, and the fact that scientists working for the Department of Defense were already known to have sprayed several American cities with deadly pathogens, it was not unthinkable that elements of the government working with the pharmaceutical industry as suggest in the PNAC document might unleash a new deadly pathogen such as HIV was supposed to be. The unthinkable became thinkable.

    The predicted epidemiology, however, did not support the theory of a new unchecked virus. Infecting a portion of the population with a new and deadly virus (such as HIV was claimed to be) without a time lag for people to have developed immunity should have been devastating to large numbers of the population. Farr's Law requires, for an epidemic to be a valid example of contagion, that the epidemic increase its incidence rates exponentially. This has never happened with HIV. The total number of HIV positive tests in the United States since the beginning of testing has hovered for years around a million. If HIV was indeed a new pathogen that was transmitted sexually or through blood products, then the numbers of infected and dying should have risen exponentially.

    That was not the only oddity. An article from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by Burke, et. al 1990 reported that among teenage applicants for military service during 1985-1989, a period when 90% of those diagnosed with AIDS were male, that female recruits were testing HIV positive as frequently as males. Teenagers from regions with high levels of AIDS were more likely to be HIV positive by an odds ratio of 2.2 to 1; however, being Black, at odds of 4.9 to 1 was far more telling than coming from such a region. It seemed curious that from the beginning of testing it was more risky to be Black than to be where the disease was most prevalent.

    As a gynecologist I knew that young Americans were having more sex than before the onset of the crisis, not less. Yet there was no sudden AIDS outbreak in the heterosexual population. There was not even a die off in the homosexual population, except in the original risk group whose risk factors which were being conveniently ignored were their long term use of multiple recreational drugs and lifestyle choices. Further, the idea that a disease was a gay disease on one continent and a heterosexual disease on another was simply preposterous. The early HIV propaganda about green monkeys, a gay flight attendant and African women was sheer nonsense but a great example of the mindset of the people who were propagating such nonsense and where they wanted to take this effort.

    The introduction of “antiviral” drugs such as AZT did not explain away the phenomenon of a flat incidence curve for HIV. As will be shown, the various AIDS drugs and their mechanisms of action have contributed to the problem rather than mitigated it. Neither the epidemiology nor the science made any sense until I began to read Peter Duesberg and the numerous dissidents who question the HIV/AIDS paradigm, especially the group out of Perth Australia. The sheer weight of their scientific logic crushed the current HIV mythology. Here at last was evidence based science; not science by public relations campaign, by political attack campaign, or by the Center for Disease Control unfounded decrees. This was science by long laborious scrutiny and testing. The results of the dissidents’ research were as life affirming and hopeful as they were different from the story being promulgated by the health establishment and their corporate controlled mainstream media who in their every effort manifested a death wish to the newly hexed HIV patients.

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
    The views expressed in the letter written by John Dulles to his father are the views past and present held by the global elite. They no longer express these views as openly as in the past, but continue to couch them in politically correct and sanitized terms such as counterinsurgency, sustainable development, environmentalism, terrorism, and population control. They have developed silent weapons for their never ending war against those populations they consider expendable and the rest whom they wish to control.* (Global 2000, NSSM 200, NSDM 313). Silent weapons are nefarious, dangerous and deadly.
    AIDS is a Silent Weapon

    While the AIDS story is a grand deception, it is also much more than that. AIDS is a silent weapon being used as a “politically useful tool”. It is a…type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses. (Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars)

    Silent weapons make no obvious explosive noises, cause no obvious physical or mental injuries, and do not obviously interfere with anyone’s daily social life, yet they do make an unmistakable “noise”, unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interfere with daily and social life and are unmistakable to the trained observer--one who knows what to look for. It is thought that the public cannot comprehend this weapon and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon. There is a general sense that something is wrong, but few are able to pinpoint the source of the distress.

    It is said that silent weapons work because the public chooses to remain ignorant of basic systems principles and simultaneously allows itself to be distracted by matters of no real importance. (Think of the mindless distractions so widely available today that would have been unthinkable a generation ago.) A silent biological weapon is not necessarily a germ or pathogen, but the germ of an idea whose sole purpose is to sap the energy of an identified social group and transfer the energy and resources that belong to the members of this group to the speculators and fraud masters who want to control and profit from them. What is being termed AIDS is at the biochemical level an acquired energy deficiency disease and at the political level a useful tool to divert attention from another African Holocaust. This book is for those of you who want to learn how to read the signs and call the energy of your spirit, your life force and your power back to you. This is your underground railroad out.

    There is a psychosocial, political, economic and spiritual context that has given rise to the HIV/AIDS problem. If we do not quickly become aware of how this silent weapon is being used against us, the next release may be a real epidemic. You now have a choice, but you may not have much time.

    A Modern Pirate Tale
    If AIDS is the spawn of the Allen Dulles inspired MK-ULTRA program, it has been a successful effort at mass mind control—a cover story for a global agenda of drug running and resource plundering. Since the days of the opium-trafficking Sassoons, Russells and Perkins and a bevy of New England clipper ship owners, the global elite have traded in slaves, narcotics and other contraband. They are still at it. Since the United States and Britain invaded Afghanistan claiming to be looking for Osama who was financed by the CIA to fight the Soviets from 1979 to 1989, the opium crop has miraculously skyrocketed.

    Afghanistan was not militarily winnable by the British Empire at the height of its supremacy. It was not winnable by Darius or Alexander, by Shah, Tsar or Great Mogul. This is a clue. The object of Afghanistan is not to find Osama or to win a war. The object is the outcome, one of which is the unassailable fact that the country went from producing zero opium in 2000 according to the United Nations to 2006 being the biggest harvest in opium history, exceeding the previous record by 60 percent. The success in Afghanistan is that it no longer exports much raw opium at all. It has succeeded in manufacturing and “value-added” operations. It now exports not opium, but heroin on an industrial scale, not in kitchens but in factories. The United States and Britain, up to their old tricks, have succeeded in creating another narco-state. The bulk opium trucks on the way to the factories share the roads improved with American aid and NATO troops.

    Intravenous drug abuse, crack cocaine, inhaled nitrates, steroids, valium, Quaaludes, poor nutrition, repeated use of unpurified blood products, social disruption in the form of ethnic cleansing and chronic and acute infections and vaccines have been associated with all of the AIDS related diseases. AIDS is the result of these imposed environmental conditions—conditions that sap the energy of a society and an individual, but that profit the empire.

    A scion of the Russell drug running family out of New England, William Huntington Russell, funded the organization at Yale University known as the Skull and Bones Society. How much more blatant could that be? It is not by accident that the symbol of this organization funded with drug money to which several generations of the Bush family as well as John Forbes Kerry belongs is the skull and crossbones. This is not an organization of childish pranksters, but steely world-class criminals with educations at one of America’s finest schools, generations of family members in business, government and the intelligence community with powerful connections. Just as the skull and crossbones advertised the intentions of yesteryear’s pirates, it is a fitting emblem for the world-class pillagers and plunderers known as the Bonesmen. They ply their trade with lawyers, economic hit men, bankers, standing armies, assassins, covert intelligence agencies and the governments they buy or overthrow. It is this class of people who control the information that comes into your home, whether via the television, radio, newspapers, or school books at every educational level. It is a psychopathic class who has come to rule from the depths of deprivation and who stand atop the mass graves that their intrigues deliver while cynically claiming to bring freedom and democracy to the globe. They go against divine order by designing their “truth” to fit their nefarious needs.

    There are men and women, many still the descendents of the opium lords and their minions who seek to control this planet from the shadows. It is an open conspiracy discussed and elucidated quite candidly by Carroll Quigley in his book Tragedy and Hope . It is a conspiracy hidden in plain sight. There is no other way to explain the outcomes based legislation, wars and the steady erosion of individual rights and the concept of the human sovereign and the transfer of these rights to inanimate corporate entities. There is no other way to explain the constant calamity of high crimes committed by the state structure in furtherance of economic goals that benefit so few, but cost the many their lives and futures and the future of their children as well as their freedom and financial solvency.

    The planet is mired in debt slavery. In spite of the constant propaganda to the contrary, there is no other way to explain how a continent as rich in history, culture and resources as Africa should be mired in abject poverty while her resources are plundered or a continent as rich in resources and infrastructure as the United States to be mired in $9 trillion in debt, sunk in the morass of an endless war and at many times more at risk from the slime oozing from Wall Street’s hedge funds and the boogey men they create to become the patsies for their crimes.

    The letter John Dulles wrote to his father so long ago expresses the sentiments of this psychopathic class. Allowing these people to be the “leaders” will simply bring continuous mayhem and chaos. As millions die from the ravages of their drugs, their induced wars, the extreme poverty caused by their economic policies and the attendant social disruptions, they send a psychological virus that resonates with the lowered energy of the planet. They are selling another product to the world. This time it is HIV/AIDS. It is a con job of historic magnitude. AIDS is many things, but this is what you need to know:
    • AIDS is not caused by a virus
    • AIDS is not a death sentence
    • AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease
    • AIDS tests are useless
    • AIDS tests discriminate by race
    • AIDS is not a blood borne disease
    • AIDS has not become the predicted pandemic
    • AIDS drugs cause AIDS
    • AIDS is not killing Africa and
    • Black women are the intended targets of the AIDS hoax

    ukimwi hatari



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