16 Jun 2009

Please copy the sample letter and write to your representatives in the government, asking them not to recognize the presidency of Mr. Ahmadinejad. Please also ask others to do the same.

Dear Sir or Madam:

On June 12, 2009, the Iranian people went to the polls in record numbers to choose the next president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Only four candidates were allowed to compete: the incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Mir Hussein Mousavi, MehdiKaroubi, and Mohsen Rezaie. The Iranian reform movement was united behind Mr. Mousavi’s

Based on numerous polls carried out a few days before the elections, Mousavi had a commanding lead over Ahmadinejad. Unfortunately, in total disregard for the people’s choice, the interior ministry haphazardly declared Mr. Ahmadinejad the winner, giving him 63.62% of the votes. The absurdity of the government’s election engineering is that none of the candidates managed to get more than a fraction of the votes even in their hometowns! In his birthplace, the village of Lali, Rezaie received fewer than 70 votes of the total of 900 votes cast, while 830 votes went to Ahmadinejad. Likewise, Karoubi did not do much better in his birthplace Aligoudarz, garnering only 14,512 votes, while Ahmadinejad received 39,690 votes. Finally, Mousavi, in his birthplace, Shabstar, was given only 2,000 of the total of 7,000 votes cast, while the rest went to Ahmadinejad.

How could all these candidates get defeated in their own hometowns, while we know that in the past presidential elections, all the candidates got the majority of the votes in their hometowns? Evidently, those who manufactured these figures got their lesson from Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels that the bigger the lie, the more believable it is. They must have thought that if Ahmadinejad is declared the winner even in his rivals’ hometowns, the Iranian people would believe his victory everywhere.

The unofficial results from the interior ministry tell quite a different story. Accordingly, Mr. Mousavi was the absolute winner with 54% of the votes, followed by Karoubi and Ahmadinejad with 31% and 13% of the votes,respectively.

Given that days before the election the Revolutionary Guards made a scarcely veiled threat to the followers of the reform movement that they will stifle swiftly any attempt at a “velvet revolution,” that a day before the elections the SMS network of mobile users were disconnected in the country, and that the websites belonging to the reformist candidates were filtered—all were indicative of the fact that the regime had staged a political coup. If Ahmadinejad was so popular, why should the Revolutionary Guards be so concerned about an impending velvet revolution? Why should they be compelled to disconnect the SMS network of mobile users?

The Iranian people do not accept the shenanigans engineered by the regime. They are demanding an investigation. They demand an honest and objective counting of the votes. Without their demands being met, the result has no validity.

Please do not recognize the official results of the elections. Please do not recognize the presidency of Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Democracy in Iran means peace in the Middle East. I appreciate your support.

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