4 Jun 2009

Sophie Reade, 20
Glamour model from Cheshire
Sophie, whose bra size is 30GG, has been working as a glamour model for two years, posing nude for UK Playboy magazine and appearing at motorbike shows - but has never told her parents.
Charlie Drummond, 22
Customer service advisor from Newcastle
Charlie is a former Mr Gay UK contestant who won the Newcastle heat back in 2007. He has worked as a model but now works in customer service for the Job Centre which he loves
Karly Ashworth, 21
Unemployed and from Fife
A part-time glamour model and one of FHM's "high street honeys", Karly says her job defines her 100% as she loves to show off, knows how to work the camera, and loves looking good. Her proudest achievement was being accepted to study art and design at Dundee University, though she left after only three weeks. Karly is passionate about women's rights, empowering women and stopping domestic violence. She believes in God but would not class herself as a proper Christian as she has had sex before marriage....
Rodrigo Lopes, 23
A student from Brazil
Rodrigo is half Italian, half Brazilian and came to the UK to study and to search for a better life... Before he came to the UK he wasn’t interested in men but now he thinks he might be gay, although on average he dates an equal amount of men and women...Once, after a night out, he couldn’t afford the taxi home so paid the taxi driver by giving him his shoes.
Saffia Corden, 27
Beauty consultant from Nottingham
A mother of two, Saffia hates people who stereotype her as a single mum and strives to be just the opposite...Single Saffia said she considered turning lesbian because she is sick of men.
Cairon Austin-Hill, 18
A student from Florida
Cairon was born in London but moved to Florida when he was a year old. He returned two years ago and now lives in London with his dad...He says that people perceive him as a joker or a ‘sarcastic prick’ and that his dad calls him Cassanova as he used to be a ‘player’ but not so much anymore.
Lisa Wallace, 41
Unemployed and from Birmingham
Lisa has worked in various factories throughout her life and says she has learned to go without and is not greedy. She was a geeky teenager who came out as a lesbian to a teacher after being teased about it .
Marcus Akin, 35
A window fitter from London
Something that Marcus has not done for 20 years is share a house with someone, let alone 15 fellow housemates. He describes himself as a big kid in a man’s body... A porn star or toy designer would be his ideal job.
Sophia Brown, 26
Private banking assistant from London
Sophia, who is 4ft 11in and has suffered from lupus since she was young, describes herself as fun, fierce and feisty. Her proudest achievement was getting an A* in GCSE English...
Siavash Sabbaghpour, 23
An events organiser, formerly from Iran
Siavash grew up in Iran but moved to the UK when he was a child. He lives with his mum but mostly stays with friends. He has never paid a rent bill in his life.Siavash dropped out of studying fashion at university, saying he hated it because he was surrounded by people without money....He is sure he will be a millionaire in ten years time. His biggest regret in life is not having a bigger penis...If he could make a law it would be for ugly people not to be allowed to have children.
Noirin Kelly, 25
Retail manager from Dublin
A former All-Ireland athletics champion who describes herself as a "girly girl", Noirin says she believes education is the answer to everything. She is a self-assured straight talker, though she says she has a bad habit of speaking before she thinks, so could end up insulting people unintentionally.
Noirin is a practising Catholic

Freddie George Fisher, 23
An entrepeneur from Market Drayton
Oxford University graduate Freddie describes himself as a polymath: a free spirit for whom 2009 is about blossoming, which is why he decided to go into the Big Brother house....He gets annoyed when people put his achievements down to the wealth of his parents...Freddie was a member of the young Conservative association although says he is an anarchist at heart...Freddie doesn’t own a TV and claims that he doesn’t really have a clue how Big Brother works.
Angel McKenzie, 35
Professional boxer and artist from south London
Originally from Russia, Angel is an ex-rock star who moved to England 12 years ago and now runs a gym owned by her adopted "father", a former British and European boxing champion.
She is passionate about boxing and fitness, neither smokes nor drinks alcohol and says she will approach the Big Brother experience as if it were a boxing bout.
Angel left home at 24 to pursue a career as a rock star, and was well known in Russia.
Kris Donnelly, 24
A visual merchandiser from Shrewsbury
Kris says he dropped out of University after the girls stopped doing his work for him. When he was younger he never had any job aspirations....Single Kris says he doesn’t have a girlfriend, through choice, because he is waiting for The One, although he does admit that he pulls someone every time he goes out.
Beinazir Lasharie, 28
Study support assistant from London
Beinazir's family were forced to flee their native Pakistan and seek asylum in the UK when she was one year old after her father - a supporter of Benazir Bhutto after whom she was named - received death threats over his political views.
Sree Dasari, 25
Student union elected president from India
Sree grew up in India, and left the country for the first time when he came to England to study for a masters degree in business....Sree says that girls tend to love him as he can flatter anyone. Sree intends to stay a virgin until he meets the right girl. He is looking for someone that is patient, committed and honest and says his ideal woman is Beyonce.


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