22 Jul 2009

Riot police have broken up a tense standoff between black and white protesters in a town in Texas.

The conflict began with a march by 100 mostly African-American activists, who were unhappy at the stateĆ¢€™s handling of the case of 24-year-old Brandon McClelland who was run over and killed by a vehicle.

Speaking to US television network ABC, Brandon's mother Jacquiline said: "The reason for today's rally is to let everybody know how the justice system around here is really doing things."
When the protesters reached the town square, the crowd of black demonstrators ballooned to around 200 people on one side of the street.

Approximately a dozen white supremacists, including four skinheads carrying Nazi swastika flags, gathered on the other side.

A skinhead and another white man were arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct, before the protesters separated peacefully.

No blows were exchanged.

SOURCE: Yahoo! News



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