26 Mar 2010

How do we best deal with bastards who not only keep on screwing our economy but also put their middle fingers up whenever they see us from the windows of their mansions or Range Rover Vogue,all obtained through unlawful conduct?I know this might sound crazy but,well,something gotta be done.We could try what the North Korean authorities did recently: a high ranking official who oversaw last year’s disastrous currency revaluation has been executed by firing squad.Well,crazy as it might sound but we simply can't let a privileged few plunder our economy while enjoying protection by the same people entrusted with the responsibility of emancipating us from the present abject poverty.Does it really make any sense,for instance,to see the DPP and PCCB dilly-dally in dealing with an illusive monster known as Kagoda?Or,is there any reason why Mzee wa Vijisenti is not in prison for his involvement in the radar scandal?Adding salt to a wound,we now learn that the much-hyped stimulus package has eventually ended up in the coffers of some shady firms which seem to have been formed purposefully to skin as alive just like those involved in the EPA scandal.Or,did they take a leaf out of the way our law enforcement institutions "dealt with" the real culprits of such scandals as Richmond,Kiwira,IPTL?

Call me a prophet of doom but the way those in power deal with ufisadi in our country is a total disgrace and has a potential of creating chaos in the very near future.It actually inspires a new breed,or rather a culture, of ufisadi as getting away with screwing the country becomes a norm.

Unfortunately,while the executed official in North Korea had "a privilege" of being dealt with by the State,our mafisadis might not be so "lucky".When people finally come to a realisation that it is useless to expect anything from their government in dealing with white collar criminals,they might resort to vigilantism,meaning people taking law in their own hands by shooting mafisadi at sight.And that would be too late for "justice" to take it course (it always does when walalahoi 'commit offences').

By the way,mlalahoi has got nothing to lose if sent to prison where their daily needs would then be taken care of by the state,something they hardly enjoy in their "normal" life as good citizens.


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