22 Apr 2010

Dressed to kill.Our sisters looking good.Picture courtesy of Miss Jestina's Blog.(1st left ).

'SOS' Appeal!

Yea,I normally blog about politics and such stuffs,but,well,there's no harm in touching some other  issues that make the world go around.I'm talking about fashion.If you happen to visit as many blogs each day as I do you certainly would appreciate that our sisters are doing quite an excellent job in blogging about different stuffs in our lives,especially fashion.However,unfortunately,most of them tend to 'forget' including men's fashion trends in their blogs.They justifiably could 'defend' themselves by arguing that it's not up to them to make sure that we look as good as they normally do.But,honestly,when you have the likes of me whose taste for fashion is as good as a blind man in a dark alley,that spells trouble,and calls for an urgent need for help.Arguably,I'm not an exceptional case as there's probably a whole bunch of guys out there who seriously need help.So,come on sisters,we all know that if what a man dresses pleases you it certainly would please the rest of the world.Could you kindly please think of us,at least once a month, when you keep your audience posted about latest fashion trends?


  1. Hey Evarist, thanks for the post and support, I do try from time to time to post some stuff on men but I must admit i get carried by the ladies. Thanks for pointing this out will work on it.



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