29 Apr 2010

The US Army says that it is it is wasting far too much time preparing Powerpoint presentations and not enough time killing people.

For a while now the Army has been concerned that its officers are missing entire wars preparing Powerpoint slides and making presentations.

. TechEye has got its paws on the sort of slide they mean (see above). 

Last summer Gen Stanley McChrystal, the leader of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, said when we understand that slide that “we’ll have won the war’.

Gen James Mattis of the Marine Corps, said: "Powerpoint makes us stupid". The Marines are not renowned for being that bright in the first place, which makes them some of the US's best soldiers, but Powerpoint sucks about the direction you want to point them.

Sam Nuxoll, a platoon leader in Iraq, seems to have shaken the Pentagon with a quote that said he was spending most of the war making Powerpoint slides. Instead of spending his time dodging bullets, he was making bullet points.

What is the problem is the fact that rather than encouraging making decisions PowerPoint sucks up the time of junior officers. The idea is that they can get crappy decisions blessed if it looks good in Powerpoint. However really good tactics which are dull on screen are being mothballed.

This has been noticed in business too with some companies thinking that Powerpoint presentations are a waste of time too.

.SOURCE: Tech Eye


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