4 Jun 2010

Well,well...I'm not that good when it comes to fashion,but poor as I might be,the Japanese Prime Minister's sense of fashion is SIFURI,ZILCH,ZERO...Oh,no.He doesn't even deserve a zero.Let's rephrase the sentence...his sense of fashion is non-existent.He doesn't have any.Candy has voluntarily offered help to the likes of the PM (READ IT HERE).Check the video report below and then click the following links to see how fashion police have their knives out for the Premier Yukio Hatoyama 

AFP: Japan PM's threads are final straw for fashion critic

THE WEEK: Japan's prime minister undone by the world's ugliest shirt?

STYLEITE: Japan’s Prime Minister Forced To Answer For His Checkered Shirt
JEZEBEL: Fashion Police Condemn Japanese Prime Minister's Fashion, Poll Numbers Fall


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