7 Mar 2011

On behalf of my readers I would like to wish a very happy birthday to a fellow blogger,Faith Charles Hillary a.k.a Candy.She is just one of those people you feel quite privileged to have known.She might be in her early 20s but her knowledge and blogging skills are supremely amazing.

Here is a little "gift" for you.



  1. Happy Birthday To you Faith Mwenyezi Mungu Akujaalie upate ishi maisha marefu zaid...na zaidi upate kua na afya njema na mambo mema...pamouja

  2. Hongera kwa siku yako ya kuzaliwa!

  3. Ah this was just so adorable and so generous! Thank you so much for your wishes that clearly made my day. I am also glad to meet you too. Much love and blessings to you dear. Mwah!



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