18 May 2011

He has been enjoying his freedom to travel back to the UK of late.

And upon his return to London Snoop Dogg looked right at home, conducting a press conference from a gold throne and surrounded by scantily-clad pole dancers.

The rapper played host to the UK media in a strip club yesterday to promote his new album Doggumentary during his second trip to the UK since the ban was lifted.

Snoop Dogg strolled in to the press conference in a sky blue Adidas tracksuit and sipped on tea from a Union Jack mug.

'I'm grateful for being here and proving to the authorities that I deserve to be here. I have had so much love and support from the UK,' The 39-year-old said told the Daily Star.

'When I was a young rapper I would dream of coming here, and when I came I didn't want it to end.'
Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, was banned from entering the UK following a brawl between his entourage and security at Heathrow airport in 2006.

The following year the Home Office prevented him from obtaining a visa to enter the country with fellow rapper P Diddy, claiming allowing him in the UK could inspire violence and crime amongst fans, despite that his intention was to hold a seminar for youths against gun crime and gang violence.

A judge ruled in 2008 that Snoop had not been at fault during the incident and that he had actually cooperated fully with immigration officials - the ban was fully overturned last year in time for Snoop to play Glastonbury over the summer.

The What's My Name hitmaker is looking forward though, and yesterday announced plans to create his own X Factor-style show.

'X Factor is great but I need to do a show that goes straight to the hood,' he told reporters.

I want to find that raw untamed talent that hasn't been dressed up all nice for the TV. 'Any TV companies want to help me, then they know where I am,' he added.

The competition would feature artists 'with no money, just raw talent and natural ability.'
Snoop Dogg received a warm welcome from fans at a gig later that night before heading to Madame JoJo's and then The Box in Soho.

Earlier this week Snoop performed in Brighton as part of his promotional tour for Doggumentary.

The album features guest performances by Kanye West, David Guetta and also Willie Nelson. At the press conference the rapper named Sade as his ultimate collaborator.

He also defended a more controversial collaboration - his recent record with Charlie Sheen, 'Winning' which was released earlier this month.

'Sheen was my friend before all this happened so I do not judge him,' Snoop Dogg insisted. 'He called on me and I came through for him.

'He is conducting his business, living and functioning. But if the station (CBS, the network behind Two And A Half Men) wanted to put him in a box, then what would have been crazy is staying in that situation.'


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