4 Nov 2011

Body Dear Friend,

Let this message not surprise you, I am contacting you due to the problem in my family since the problem of my country and the death of my beloved father and my half brother Saif al-Arab who died by NATO air strike.

I am Aisha Gaddafi daughters of Muammar Gaddafi, the embattled president of Libya; I am currently residing in West Africa, unfortunately as a refugee. Our investments and bank accounts in several countries have been freeze by the London.

Insha Allahu, I will make you a part of my family heritage, if you can help me out at this difficult time of my life. All I need from you is for you to open an online account in at least 2 banks, one in Indonesia and the other in Benin Republic. I have accounts with big sums of money in these banks. All you do is to open an online account with these banks and I will transfer all my money to your accounts. I don't want anybody to know about this or my accounts will be freeze. There is an international conspiracy to seize our family accounts/investments around the world.

If you are interested to assist me in this regards kindly get back to me as soon as possible for more details on how to proceed. Needless to say that I will compensate you handsomely once the transfer is effected into your nominated bank account.

Please get back to me for more detail and make sure you keep this issue strictly confidential for my own safety.

Your urgent reply means a lot to me.

Yours sincerely

Aisha Gaddafi


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