13 Mar 2012

Your dad would have  probably sang the following song for you.Now you can sing it for kijana wetu.As Big Will raps,I think sometime you wonder what our dogo will turn out to be when he grows up.."a general,a doctor,or may be an MC (like you his dad)..."

And we all gave some hard time to our moms.It's time to appreciate how they raised us and all the pain we gave them

And these are my special messages for your special day.First,we all have dreams...

And we all know we can be what we gonna be if we work hard at it...

And you know what,the stuff we frequently talk on Twitter makes us like the street radio for unsung heroes..WE DO FOR THE PEOPLE

And although it's hard knock life out there

But hey,it's you big day...we the last ones left...and life should go on

Any birthday is party

And in the evening...enjoy your big day as if it's FIESTA


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