1 Jun 2013

The Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe wondered at Rwandan government strange attitude to overreact on a simple advise given in good faith to the country in full presence of the Rwadan Delegation in Ethiopia saying it is up to them accept or refuse the advise.

The Foreign Minister also stated categorically that the government will not move even an inch to apologize Rwanda since he still believed that engaging the enemies was the best option for Rwanda which he said has failed to to find amicable solution through wars for more than 15engage the rebels in the last 16 years.

Speaking before parliament in Dodoma yesterday, the visibly irked Minister wondered as to why was making lots of politics with a simple advise that a they either dumed to accept or refuse to.

Using the famous quotation used once by the Former Israel Prime Minister, Yizak Rabin Mr Membe said "We negotiate peace with our enemies not our friends" adding that" there is no need for Rwanda to sound an alarm for the advise given in the open table in Ethiopia."
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