10 Apr 2015

A new infographic has revealed that it takes ten steps for women to make a purchase when shopping. The first being to search the Internet and fashion magazines for inspiration 

Women will then look online to compare prices to ensure they are getting the best deal 

Seeking a second opinion begins by sending a link to friends 

Those seeking a verdict from a wider audience will post an image on social networks 

Eager to be individual 12 per cent will search Instagram to check friends don't own the same outfit 

For one in seven a close female relatives opinion is the one that matters most 

Over half of us will make a special trip to experience a garment in real life 

One in five women will take a fitting room selfie once we have tried on a new outfit

And then we will send them to a friend or partner with our other-half considered the most valuable opinion

Most, two thirds, will complete a purchase in store but 29 per cent will ho home to complete it online

CHANZO; Daily Mail

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  1. WAswahili usema mwenzako akinyolewa wewe tia maji ingawa sijui kama nchi ili tumeweza kuliona. tatizo la ugaidi lipo tunakula nalo,tunakunywa nalo na ni tofauti na kama tulivyofanyiwa na Amin hawa jamaa wanatumia watoto na ndugu zetu kufanya uhalifu hivyo bila kuwa makini tutateketea wote



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