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14 Sept 2008

Let me make a confession:Until when Hillary Clinton withdrew from the Democrat presidential campaign,and eventually endorse Barack Obama,I strongly believed that the latter's nomination could lead to another 4 yrs of a Republican in the White House ie a win for John McCain.It's not that I didnt want to see Obama making history by becoming the first Black president of the US of A,but I was rather scared of  the Republican dirty tricks (known in Bongo as "Siasa za Majitaka") on an easy target as Obama.I imagined how the GOP smear machine would assassinate Obama's character,bearing in mind how they successfully made John Kerry's bid to the White House a nightmare.

Perhaps I was wrong.Obama is now on the verge of making history.Given the unpopularity of Bush's presidency,the Dem's road to victory should have been easier.Unfortunately,the Republicans certainly know the odds against them.As I have always suspected,when the going gets tough in politics,any option on the table could be usefull.Of recent,McCain has been accussed of lies and deception,a possible sign that all might not be going well for the GOP candidate.And it seems he will soon receive support from same old groups that focuses on producing emotional rather than rational responses from voters.


10 Sept 2008

Kuna hii kitu wanaita The Big Bang Theory inaelekea kuwachanganya watu wengi wakiwamo wanasayansi wenyewe.Kwa vile mie sio mzuri sana kwenye maeneo hayo,BONYEZA HAPA kupata undani zaidi wa hii kitu.

Kwa upande wa siasa za Marekani,kuna wanaomuona Sarah Palin kuwa hana tofauti na Islamic fundamentalists ambao mgombea-mwenza wake,John McCain,amefanya kuwa moja ya ajenda zake kuu za kushinda uchaguzi.Habari nzima iko HAPA

Na burudani kidogo kutoka kwa John Legend ft Andre 3000 katika Green Light.


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