23 Sept 2010

You posted the following comment on this blog.I have tried to reply on your blog but it doesn't seem to work.I know my reply will offer you a rare chance of publicity,but,well,there's nothing I could do about that.Perhaps that's all you wanted: cheap publicity.You wrote (I quote):

you should tellus about your political status and knowledge,sio kuanza kuponda tu,mbona you dont look on the p[ositive side?we are not interested na watu wanaoponda wenzao bila kuchangia mawazo ya nini kifanyike kuiwezesha tanzania kupiga hatua,afu kumbuka bila uzuri hakuna ubaya wa kuzungumziwa,so tell us about uzuri wa jk ili tupime wenyewe siyo unatoa one side tu unless you are apoliticia.”

In reply to your above comment on my blog,I first would encourage you to check a dictionary as to what “political status” means. As a human being, I don’t have any. As to your inquiry on my political knowledge, I’m just a Political Studies research student. However, you could read my full profile HERE

Mheshimiwa Meya, if you were not interested “na watu kuponda ya wenzao” you could have simply not visited my blog. I believe nobody held you at a gun point when you decided to pay my blog a brief visit. And I think you did not do me justice when you lamented that I did not “kuchangia mawazo ya nini kifanyike kuiwezesha Tanzania kupiga hatua”. Of course I did, unless you are allergic to letters. I clearly urged Tanzanians to vote Kikwete out of office. In my view, which you have every right to oppose, economic sabotage (ufisadi) is one of the stumbling blocks which hinder our country from attaining desired progress, and removing their patron, Kikwete, would most likely be a way forward towards achieving that goal.

I’m left speechless on your assertion that “bila uzuri hakuna ubaya wa kuzungumziwa”. I would expect to hear that not from msomi like yourself. Tell me one good thing about Ukimwi, which is a menace to society. Or, tell me just one “uzuri” of ufisadi. You surely know there are things which are absolutely evil, and one couldn’t find any good quality from them. But even if you personally think Kikwete has good and bad qualities, as a msomi you should have acknowledged my point of view. I hope you have been taught there’s no such a thing as a universal point of view. So if I think Kikwete is a hack, I don’t have to convince you to agree with me. And you too don’t have to convince me to believe otherwise.

I don’t have to tell you “uzuri wa Kikwete” if I couldn’t find any. By the way, if you sincerely believe that I did not do him justice,you can now shower him with praises now you have your own blog.Why expect praises for Kikwete from my blog when you could do the same on your own blog?So,be a good blogger,stop forcing other bloggers to write what you want to read,and do just that yourself,instead.And just a polite word of advice,you better write such article in Swahili.

Finally, try to do a little proof reading before you post your articles. You wrote “Guys WORDWIDE i welcome you "instead of "WORLDWIDE”. And you also wrote “For those who are interested in politics especially with the CONCIDERATION...” instead of “CONSIDERATION”. You see, it’s easy criticising someone but hard for yourself to do a simple right thing as getting your spelling right.

Honestly,Honourable Mayor, you are not just a disgrace to Mzumbe University but also a public insult to the entire higher education sector in Tanzania.


  1. Mr Chahali,
    Many thanks for blowing this thing you referred to as an educated bin-Adam. I am afraid to say this. We have many goons in our high learning institutions. Refer to recent news that students at UDOM contributed over Tshs. 2,000,000 to enable the patron of fisadis JK to solicit some forms in Dodoma. When I read this, given that it has nary been repudiated, firstly, I did not believe. But when I saw photos of students licking Kikwete's legs I believed.
    If you remember, we currently see our people licking the ass of the devil instead of kicking it. I am so remorseful to use these words. But that's how it is. Look at the media headed by TBC. They all are behaving like twilight girls of Ohio streets. You know what. Since the devil discovered to rewards some of the traitors such as Rweyemamu and others that were made DCs all goons are now daydreaming about becoming either DCs, RCs or who's who in this dangerous game of destroying our country done by this kit and caboodle of thugs.

    How do you know that this thing that you call Mzumbe's mayor secured admission either through her underwear or is the son of fisadi or altogether.
    Telling you that there must be two to tango in everything under the Sun is caused by our sick and rotten education system where students are taught to regurgitate whatever nonsense they are fed by slim paid teachers.

    So sir, cry for mother Tanzania and cry even for all those goons that are vending it to their masters and whatnot.

  2. My brother comrade Chahali...Certainly We need to invest,effective and sufficient our time & brain too defeat to fight against devil power so called Ufisadi. Avoid to be diverted to deal with daughters and sons of ufisadi family like that rubbish blog.

    I know Chahali your doing a job of being Tanzania citizen like thse mamluki CCM and such a stink blog.

    What positive can you talk about the current regime..Absolutley it is nothing JK can pround if you are mentally fit...There are so many illigal issues have been blessed from his regime to every corner....Look Albino issues, EPA, radar issue ect...

    This guy must have shut his mouth and close down his rubbish blog...

    Big up Chahali....Big UP Dr Sla is right answer to eliminate of current Goverment(CCM) which is blessing crime (Ufisadi) activities. God Bless Dr Sla, God Bless Tanzania, God Bless Nationalist such as Chahali and many more who are investing there energy and time to wipe out the UFISADI.

    We are in war never look back or get diverted from these rubbish blogs

  3. Meya is just a boot leaker,imbecile and ignorancia classa,just ignore him.



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