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29 Apr 2010

British National Party (BNP),chama cha kibaguzi cha hapa Uingereza,kimetangaza kwamba kitatoa paundi 50,000 kwa kila atakayeafiki kuhama Uingereza.Akiongea katika kipindi cha 'Today' cha kituo cha redio cha BBC4,mwenyekiti wa chama hicho,Nick Griffin (pichani) alisema kuwa mpango huo ni mahsusi kwa Waingereza wasio Weupe (non-White British) na wahamiaji wengine wasio weupe (non-White migrants).

Griffin alieleza kuwa kwa mujibu wa sera ya uhamiaji ya chama chake 'milango ya Uingereza itafungwa' kwa wageni isipokuwa tu kwa wale wenye ujuzi au taaluma maalum."Aidha unazungumzia fundi bomba wa ki-Polish au mkimbizi kutoka Afghanistan,milango ya Uingereza itafungwa kwa sababu nchi hii imejaa",aliongeza kiongozi huyo mbaguzi wa rangi.

Kiongozi huyo wa BNP alitanabaisha kuwa "Idadi ya watakaozuiwa kuingia nchi hii itakuwa yoyote na kutoka popote.Milango itafunguliwa tu pale itapokidhi mahitaji wa Waingereza na Uingereza".Akitolea mfano wa utekelezaji wa sera hiyo,Griffin alisema laiti Uingereza ikiwa na mahitaji ya wataalam wa nyukia basi chama hicho kitaruhusu,kwa mfano,mwanafikizia kutoka Japan.

Alipoulizwa kama sera hiyo itaambatana na kuvunja mikataba ya kimataifa,mbaguzi huyo alijibu: "Kabisa.Mikataba ya kimataifa haikidhi mahitaji ya Uingereza na watu wake.U-kimataifa (internationalism) ni miradi ya tabaka la wanasiasa".

Kuhusu kuwataka wasio weupe kuondoka Uingereza,Griffin alisema:"Tunasema tutatoa posho ya kuhama makazi (resettlement grants) na hili ni suala la hiari .Tunazungumzia takriban pauni 50,000 kwa kwa mtu".Alipoulizwa ni watu wangapi wanaotarajiwa kuhama Uingereza kwa mujibu wa sera hiyo alisema: "180,000 kwa mwaka,kama wataondoka katika nchi hii iliyojaa kupindukia".

Imetafsiriwa kutoka Yahoo! News

24 Oct 2009

Non-whites barred from 'open' BNP meeting
Peter Dominiczak

Two senior BNP figures have been secretly filmed barring non-whites from entering one of their meetings on the day the party was forced to admit black and Asian members.

Richard Barnbrook, the BNP's representative on the London Assembly, and Bob Bailey, the party's London organiser, were filmed stopping 10 non-whites entering a branch meeting in the Eastbrook pub in Dagenham.

The meeting was on 15 October, the day the party was forced to change its constitution to allow non-white people to join.

The emergence of the new footage, shot by film-maker Heydon Prowse, the editor of Don't Panic magazine, will come as a massive embarrassment to BNP leader Nick Griffin just hours ahead of his appearance on BBC Question Time tonight.

In the film, Mr Barnbrook, a Barking and Dagenham councillor, is seen telling a group of mixed race African and Asian campaigners that the meeting is "private" before the group is told to leave. One of the campaigners, a white Swedish woman and the only non-Briton in the group, was told she could stay.

The film shows the campaigners, who had worn Nick Griffin T-shirts and were carrying their British passports, being abused outside the meeting's venue by a BNP member who says "we don't want people like you".

Mr Barnbrook claims to be "delighted" by the decision to allow non-whites despite denying the group entry to the meeting. In the footage he says: "It's a private meeting. I'm afraid the meeting inside here is closed. We're finishing."

The move is mirrored by another party official, Bob Bailey, who is later filmed admitting the party now allows non-white members to join but still refuses to let the group inside the meeting, saying "This is a members' meeting and that's it".

Some time later he says: "Our party has always been open to other people if they want to join. We've got people who are black Africans, we've got people who are from the West Indies, we've got Sri Lankans - we've got people from everywhere."

Mr Prowse said: "While Bailey was throwing us out he seemed to be aware of the fact that he couldn't appear to be discriminating against non-whites but he couldn't come up with one valid reason why we shouldn't be let in." After the group is barred, a party member confronts the group, saying: "This is my party. I don't want you in my party and it is up to us whether we decide to let you people in - people that ain't like us. Our party is being forced into a position that we do not want.

"You can belong to anything you like, but we don't want you. You are not white British."

23 Jun 2009

The British National Party could face legal action over its 'whites only' membership policy, a watchdog said yesterday.The party could be taken to court for three counts of discriminating on grounds of colour, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission said.

If the BNP refuses to allow non-whites to join the party, it could face heavy fines, or its assets could be seized - making it almost impossible for them to fight elections effectively.

Senior party members, such as leader Nick Griffin, could even be imprisoned, if the courts so decided. The move comes two weeks after the BNP won its first seats in the European Parliament following a collapse in Labour support. The party has around 60 councillors across the country.

Their constitution says only those with 'indigenous Caucasian' racial backgrounds can become members of the party. It is believed to be the first time that race watchdogs have threatened a political party with legal action.

The commission said the party appeared to be guilty of three breaches of the Race Relations Act: not allowing non-whites to join the party, not allowing them to take jobs at the party, and not providing equal services to constituents based on the colour of their skin.

They said this amounted to discrimination on the grounds of race and colour, which is banned under the act.The EHRC called on the BNP to provide written undertakings by 20 July that it will make the required changes or it could face a legal injunction. If not they could bring a civil action against them at the High Court.
If the party still did not comply, judges could find it guilty of contempt of court, which could lead to fines or even jail for BNP leaders.

A spokesman for the watchdog said: 'This exclusion is contrary to the Race Relations Act which the party is legally obliged to comply with. The commission therefore thinks that the BNP may have acted, and be acting, illegally.

'The commission has required the BNP to provide a written undertaking that it will not discriminate contrary to the Race Relations Act in its employment and recruitment policies, procedures and practices.'

The commission said it was also concerned that the BNP's elected representatives may not intend to offer or provide services on an equal basis to all their constituents and members of the public irrespective of race or colour.

John Wadham, the Commission's legal director, said: 'The legal advice we have received indicates that the British National Party's constitution and membership criteria, employment practices and provision of services to constituents and the public may breach discrimination laws which all political parties are legally obliged to uphold.

'We await a response from the BNP to our letter before deciding what further action we may take. Litigation or enforcement action can be avoided by the BNP giving a satisfactory response to our letter.'
The commission has received around 50 calls from members of the public recently about the BNP's membership policy, although it is believed that officials were already looking into the issue.

But last night BNP leader Nick Griffin, who was elected as an MEP for the north west of England earlier this month, said the party's rules were 'entirely legal', adding: 'We are not discriminating on the grounds of colour'.

He claimed the party was an exempted organisation under the Race Relations Act, which protected organisations which represented minority groups.Mr Griffin said this meant 'ethnic groups who need special protection such as the English in their own country, who are now second class citizens' were 'entitled to discriminate on that basis and not on the grounds of colour'.

A spokesman for the BNP said: 'We are not going to respond to threats like this. We will look at it, but it is an entirely politically-motivated attack. 'I don't think we should be bullied by outside forces. They are asking us to change our whole political ideology.'

14 Jun 2009

'I don't hate or have any problem with black people other than I hope very much that they remain black people. Other than I hope their children will look as black as they are and as different and as interesting. And where it doesn't happen: it's not my business. No I haven't got a problem, so where does it come from? I don't really know'. That's NICK GRIFFIN,a racist leader of a Nazi British National Party,in an interview with the Independent On Sunday (CLICK THE LINK FOR A FULL TRANSCRIPT OF THE INTERVIEW)

RELATED STORY: (In the Sunday Times) Profile: Nick Griffin.

4 Jun 2009


18 May 2009

The British National Party was accused of staging 'a cynical con' yesterday, after it was revealed that men featured on its keynote poster campaign are foreigners. One of the posters, which is being advertised up and down the country on a BNP truck, shows three men in hard-hats under the slogan 'British jobs for British workers'. But it has emerged they are in fact American models who posed for a photoshoot in the U.S....CONTINUE


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