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30 Apr 2011

Zaidi mtembelee katika Blogu yake inayopatikana HAPA

By The Associated Press 04/29/11 04:16 PM ET

LONDON -- Tina Lannin, a professional lip reader who was born deaf, caught the private whispers during the royal wedding that television microphones couldn't capture.

Lannin, who has worked for 7 years as a forensic lip reader for police forces and media outlets with O'Malley Communications, picked out comments from Prince William, his bride and Queen Elizabeth II in a partial transcript. Her assessment couldn't be verified.


10:20 a.m. – Prince William: "Looking forward to it." To Harry, "shall we go in then?

Prince Harry: "Sure, everyone has arrived."

William (to Bishop): "Make sure everything's alright. It's beautiful the way it is."

10:25 a.m. – William to lady in congregation: "You look very pretty, very pretty."

10:55 a.m. – Michael Middleton to Kate Middleton as they left hotel: "You okay?"

11:00 a.m. – Pippa Middleton to sister Kate: "You look amazing."

Michael Middleton to Kate Middleton as they entered Westminster Abbey: "You okay?"

Kate Middleton to her father: "Yeah."

11:05 a.m. – Kate to Bishop before walking down the aisle: "Yes I suppose so ... I expect I'll be worn out today. Thank you."

Harry to William: "Right, here she is now."

William to Middleton at the altar: "You look lovely ...(unclear)... You look beautiful."

William joking to Michael Middleton: "We're supposed to have just a small family affair."

12:00 a.m. – Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Philip: "It was excellent."

Prince Philip: "Yes?"

12:15 a.m. – William to Kate Middleton: "Alright?"

Kate Middleton: "Yes."

William: "Wish I was out."

Kate Middleton: "I'm beginning to find (unclear)."

William: "Yeah, alright." Hands bouquet to Kate after they climb aboard their carriage, "here you are."

Kate Middleton: "Thank you."

Kate Middleton: "Now, are you happy?"

William: "Yes ... (unclear conversation) ... wave to everybody."

Outside abbey – queen: "I wanted them to take the smaller carriage."

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: "It all went very well."

Queen: "Very well."

In wedding carriage – William: "I don't think you should bow quite yet. I think you should just bow your head, okay?"

Kate Middleton: "Okay."

William: "I hope I remember ... It's mad, it's mad! Oh my goodness it ... really loudly here (unclear) these people are clapping."

Kate Middleton: "Did they?"

William: "I think so. I went out here the first (unclear)."

In separate carriage – Prince Charles: "Yeah it looked nice."

Camilla: "Yes, but you have to know how to do it."

In wedding carriage – Kate Middleton to William: "You look happy."

1:30 p.m – On Buckingham Palace balcony, Kate Middleton: "Oh wow."

William: "Alright? You'll be okay?"

Kate Middleton: "Oh I'm fine, thank you."

William: "Yeah! Yeah! There's a lot of people down here." To pageboys, "I know but look up there as well." To his bride: "Okay? Look at me, let's kiss, okay."

William, shouting balcony: "Harry! Your go!"

Kate Middleton: "What's next?"

William: "They want more time I think."

William shouting across balcony, possibly to Camilla: "You could have brought up (unclear) as well."

Camilla: "Oh, very heavy."

William: "Just do a bit of everything. Do you like the balloons (unclear) they go up in the air."

Kate Middleton: "Look at these people."

William: "I want to see the plane, I think I'm (unclear)."

William to Harry: "Okay."

William to pageboys: " stop them coming in here, to stop them coming in this side, I mean it's hard."

William to Kate Middleton: "One more." The couple kiss for a second time. "That's it, come on!"

SOURCE: Huffington Post

29 Apr 2011

Baada ya miezi,wiki na masaa,hatimaye ile siku ya kihistoria imewadia.Leo,Ijumaa ya tarehe 29 April 2011,mjukuu wa Malkia Elizabeth wa Pili,Prince William,anafunga ndoa na mchumba wake Kate Middleton,jijini London.Inatarajiwa zaidi ya watu bilioni mbili duniani kote watakuwa wakifuatilia harusi hiyo kwenye runinga zao.

Kwa bahati nzuri,dada yetu Miss Jestina,anatarajia kufuatilia tukio hilo la kihistoria kwa karibu zaidi,na kila kitu kikienda kama kilivyopangwa basi atatuletea up-to-the-minute updates kuhusu tukio hilo la aina yake.Pamoja na mengineyo,anatarajiwa kufanya mahojiano na watu mbalimbali watakaohudhuria shughuli hiyo.

Wakati tunawatakia Prince William na mkewe mtarajiwa Kate ndoa njema na ya amani basi usikose kufuatilia shughuli hiyo ya kihistoria katika blogu ya dada yetu Miss Jestina,live and direct from London hapa Uingereza.

Bonyeza  picha ifuatayo kutembelea blogu ya Miss Jestina

Stay tuned


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