19 Aug 2010

I came across an article below in The Moscow Times of today (“Financial Investigator's Son Handles Cash for Aeroflot”) and thought it would be appropriate to rekindle the discussion on Nepotism in Tanzania we had with you a while ago, see my email of Aug. 11th herein under. Before that, in July this year, I made similar comments about the son of the former Russian prime minister {Mr. Mikhail Fradkov - now Head of the Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)}, Mr. Peter Fradkov, who is currently the deputy chairman of Vnesheconombank (Russia’s State Bank for Foreign Economic Relations) and also the deputy chairman of the African Coordinating Committee for Economic Cooperation with African Countries (AfroCom). See in the Aeroflot article mentioned above (read the yellow-shaded part below) on how other senior Russian government officials place their off-springs in honey places, a similar trend currently appearing in Tanzania, albeit at times we see off-springs of our officials involved in fraudulent crimes as you may read in the article below on the son (Tony) of CCM stalwart Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru (“Kingunge relative in the dock for forgery, 242 million/- theft”). As I wrote earlier, I don’t think putting kids and relatives of bigwigs in high places based on kinship only and not merit is a wise thing to do. Indeed, it is very dangerous and speaks a lot of the unhealthy political situation in a country as well as the existence of an incompetent and ineffective government .

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Moscow, Russia

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  1. It is very unfortunate this is the tendency escalating everywhere in our country.It resulted into the corrupt and extremely weak institutions we have in place. Culprits are becoming immune to the rule of law simply because they are family members of those in power. We don't stop and we shall heavily weakened.



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