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1 Jul 2013

Violent Episodes Grow in Tanzania, an African Haven

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DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania — As one of the leaders of an acrimonious doctors’ strike in Tanzania, Dr. Stephen Ulimboka was not entirely surprised when a group of armed men appeared, unannounced, at a meeting and arrested him. But when he saw that the car they were forcing him into had no license plates, fear truly hit him.
Ed Betz/Reuters
American and Tanzanian flags lined a street in Dar es Salaam, the capital, on Sunday, ahead of a visit by President Obama.
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A black hood was thrown over his head. “You’re going to pay for what you’ve been doing,” Dr. Ulimboka recalled one of the men saying. “You can start praying to your God because there is no turning back.”
They beat him for hours on that June night last year, first with their fists, then with metal rods. They pulled the toenails from both of his big toes. As he lay on the ground, he heard them discussing the best way to kill him: running him over with the car or giving him a lethal injection. He was unsure if he would live till daybreak.
Tanzania has a reputation abroad as an island of stability in the often-chaotic region of East Africa. The country has been rewarded with praise and money from international donors, including the United States, which last year gave the country more than $480 million.
President Obama arrives here on Monday to a country where human rights groups and the largest opposition party say episodes of intimidation and suppression of political opponents are growing. “The international community believes there is peace in Tanzania,” saidWillibrod Slaa, the secretary general of the opposition party, Chadema. “There is fear, not peace.”
Journalists have been attacked and in at least one instance killed while working. Last July, the government banned an independent weekly newspaper, Mwanahalisi, which had been reporting aggressively on Dr. Ulimboka’s kidnapping, linking the crime to the government. President Jakaya Kikwete denied any connection.
“I don’t feel secure,” said Saed Kubenea, managing editor at Hali Halisi Publishers Ltd., which owns Mwanahalisi. “But I will fight.”
The Committee to Protect Journalists, a nonprofit organization based in New York, urged Mr. Obama last week to raise the issue of freedom of the press when he meets with Mr. Kikwete on Monday.
The political violence reached a new, unexpected level last month, when a hand grenade was thrown at a rally organized by Chadema in the northern city of Arusha, killing four people. No suspect has been identified, and the investigation is continuing.
At the party offices here in Dar es Salaam the other day, a fleet of motorcycles used for reaching isolated constituencies in villages accessible only by dirt road sat parked out back. Party officials placed a silver laptop on a table and showed a video from the rally in Arusha.
In the footage, party leaders gave speeches from atop a truck with built-in speakers. Afterward, they descended into the crowd and began collecting donations. A blast sent people scattering. A handful of wounded and dead were frantically gathered and carried to the bed of a pickup truck that took them to receive medical treatment, leaving behind a blacktop slick with blood.
“It is intimidation,” Mr. Slaa said. “The people will be afraid to go to the polling stations, and the active ones will have been eliminated.”
Chadema officials have publicly claimed that the man responsible was either working with, or protected by, the police. They say the party will produce videotape proving their charge, but only after an independent commission has been named to investigate.
Paul A. M. Chagonja, commissioner of police for operations, called the allegations “frivolous” and “unfounded,” and said the party was obligated to furnish law enforcement with any evidence in its possession.
“The core function of the police is to protect the people,” Mr. Chagonja said. “We are not allied with any political party.”
Tanzania, home to Mount Kilimanjaro, is a popular tourist destination for safaris in the Serengeti. The nation has been lauded for its ethnic cohesion, rising above the kind of tribal violence that rocked Kenya after that country’s elections in 2007. Although a church bombing in May, also in Arusha, raised concerns that religious tensions could rise, Tanzania is relatively free of sectarian strife. That is one reason Mr. Obama scheduled a visit here.
Yet the Tanzanian government has essentially remained in the hands of the same party since gaining independence half a century ago. Tanzania held its first multiparty elections in 1995, but the ruling party, Chama cha Mapinduzi, or Party of the Revolution in Swahili, has won the national elections each time since.
Analysts say the very real prospect that voters will choose another party in the next election, in 2015, has rattled some members of the government, particularly those who are afraid that a new party in power could mean aggressive investigations and prosecutions.
“I think there is a rear-guard element in ruling circles who have never accepted this,” said Jenerali Ulimwengu, a prominent Tanzanian journalist. “They haven’t been reined in by the political bosses because they are shaky and unsure.” The result, Mr. Ulimwengu said, “can be quite deadly, as we’ve seen over the past couple of years.”
Abdulrahman Kinana, secretary general of the ruling party, known as C.C.M., said it was prepared to accept a defeat at the ballot box. “We were always ready to transfer power if the people decide,” he said, adding that C.C.M. won the country’s “free and fair elections” by reaching out more effectively to voters. He pointed to the dozen or so daily newspapers available here as evidence of a vibrant local news media.
But the government “needs to tell us what happened to those people who were either killed or attacked,” Mr. Kinana said. “Most of these crimes have not gotten an explanation.”
The men who kidnapped and tortured Dr. Ulimboka took him to a forest, where he was dumped into a hole about three feet deep, his arms and legs bound. He laid as still as possible, hoping the men would believe he was already dead. He waited for about half an hour after they left before struggling to free his legs.
He walked toward the sound of a road, his hands still bound behind his back, the rope biting deeply into his wrists. There, he found help and was taken to a police station and later to a hospital. His kidneys were failing, and he had to be flown to South Africa for treatment.
A year later, most of his injuries have healed, though he said that when he combed his hair, he felt the numb spots where his nerves had been damaged in the savage beatings. He does not fear for himself at a time when people are killed at public gatherings.
“People,” Dr. Ulimboka said, “can just kill you anywhere.”

16 Jul 2012

KWA mara nyingine, Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) kimetoa tuhuma nzito dhidi ya Idara ya Usalama wa Taifa (TISS), safari hii ikidaiwa kuwa baadhi ya viongozi wa taasisi hiyo nyeti wana mpango wa kuwaua baadhi ya viongozi wa CHADEMA.

Itakumbukwa kuwa wakati wa mchakato wa Uchaguzi Mkuu uliopita, CHADEMA kiliituhumu Idara hiyo kuwa ilikuwa inakihujumu chama hicho, tuhuma ambazo zilifanya Naibu Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa TISS, Jack Zoka (pichani juu) , kuzikanusha vikali.

Tuhuma hizi za CHADEMA zimekuja siku chache baada ya tukio la kusikitisha na la kinyama lililomkuta kiongozi wa jumuiya ya madaktari Dk. Steven Ulimboka ambaye alitekwa na hatimaye kuteswa na watu 'wasiojulikana.'

Katika tukio la Dk. Ulimboka, Serikali imejikuta ikinyooshewa vidole kuwa inahusika, hali iliyomfanya Rais Jakaya Kikwete kulizungumzia suala hilo katika hotuba yake kwa Taifa hivi karibuni.

Lakini takriban kila anayefuatilia kwa ukaribu suala hilo anaweza kuungana nami kutanabahisha ya kuwa japo hotuba ya Rais Kikwete imesaidia kwa namna fulani kuonyesha kuwa Serikali yake imeguswa (kwa maana ya kusikitishwa) na tukio hilo, kwa kiwango kikubwa haijasaidia kuondoa fikra kuwa kuna mkono wa Serikali.

Binafsi, nimelichambua kwa kirefu tukio hilo la kutekwa na kuteswa kwa Dk. Ulimboka katika mfululizo wa makala zangu za sauti (podcasts). Makala husika yenye kichwa cha habari “Nani aliyemteka na kumtesa Dk. Ulimboka?”

Kwa kifupi, katika makala hiyo nimezungumzia dhana tatu kuhusiana na tukio la Dk. Ulimboka. Ya kwanza ni hiyo inayogusa hisia za wengi kuwa Serikali inahusika na tukio hilo. Katika makala hiyo, nimeungana kimtizamo na kauli ya Rais Kikwete kuwa “Serikali imteke na kumtesa Dk. Ulimboka ili iweje.”

Kadhalika, nimeeleza kuwa japo kuna nyakati Serikali kwa kutumia vyombo vya dola inaweza kutumia vitisho na hata nguvu ikibidi ili kuzima upinzani dhidi yake, katika mazingira ya kawaida ni vigumu kuamini kuwa Serikali ya Rais Kikwete ingekuwa tayari kujiingiza matatizoni kwa kumteka na kumtesa kiongozi wa madaktari ili tu iwatishe madaktari wanaogoma.

Nimebainisha hivyo kwa vile ninaamini kuwa Serikali inafahamu fika kuwa kumnyamazisha Dk. Ulimboka hakuwezi kuwanyamazisha madaktari wote nchini.

Dhana ya pili ni ile ya hujuma dhidi ya Serikali. Kimsingi dhana hiyo inabashiri kuwa pengine kuna ‘watu wenye nguvu na jeuri ya fedha’ ambao wamefanya unyama huo dhidi ya Dk. Ulimboka kwa minajili ya 'kuikoroga' Serikali. Takriban kila anayefuatilia mwenendo wa siasa ndani ya chama tawala CCM atakuwa anafahamu kuwa kuna mtifuano mkubwa (japo usiosikika sana waziwazi) unaoendelea ndani ya chama hicho, hususan kuhusiana na kinyang’anyiro cha urais mwaka 2015.

Kwamba kuna mafisadi wanaoweza kumwaga fedha aidha kwa ‘majasusi binafsi’ au ‘majasusi rasmi’ ni jambo linalowezekana. Kinachonifanya niipe uzito mdogo dhana hii ni uchambuzi wa hasara na faida za tendo husika (cost and benefit analysis).

Hivi, kama mafisadi wakimteka na kumtesa Dk. Ulimboka, kisha Serikali ya Kikwete ikaandamwa, mafisadi hao watanufaikaje (zaidi ya kufurahia kuona Serikali inabebeshwa lawama isizostahili)?

Dhana ya tatu, na ambayo binafsi ninaipa uzito mkubwa, ni uwepo wa kile kinachofahamika katika lugha ya Kiingereza kama ‘rogue elements of the state apparatus’ (yaani ‘watendaji katika taasisi za dola ambao wanatenda kazi zao kinyume na taratibu na sheria,’ kwa tafsiri isiyo rasmi).

Dhana hii ya mwisho inaweza kushabihiana na ya pili kwa maana ya hicho nilichoita ‘majasusi rasmi,’ yaani watumishi wa vyombo vya dola ambao wanatumia ujuzi wao kutekeleza matakwa, si ya mwajiri wao, bali ya mafisadi waliowapa fedha kwa ‘kazi maalumu.’

Katika makala hiyo ya sauti nimeeleza kuwa ni wazi vyombo vya dola vilikuwa vikimfuatilia Dk. Ulimboka na waratibu wengine wa mgomo wa madaktari. Hilo si la kuhoji kwani ni utaratibu ‘wa kawaida’ kwa wana usalama. Iwe ni taasisi ya mashushushu wa ndani wa Marekani (FBI), au wenzao wa Uingereza (MI5), au TISS huko nyumbani, kila mtu au kikundi kinachotazamwa kama tishio kiusalama hufuatiliwa kwa karibu.

Sasa basi, kwa kuzingatia dhana hiyo ya ‘rogue elements,’ inawezekana watendaji waliokabidhiwa jukumu hilo waliamua kutumia njia za ‘liwalo na liwe’ (hapana, si kama ile ya tamko la Waziri Mkuu Mizengo Pinda) baada ya ‘njia za kistaarabu’ kumlazimisha Dk. Ulimboka awaeleze ‘nani anayewachochea madaktari kugoma’ kutozaa matunda.

Yaani baada ya diplomasia kushindwa, wakaamua kutumia mateso ya hali ya juu (kwa lugha ya kisheria ‘third degree torture’ na kitaalamu ‘fifth degree torture’).

Kwa nini ninashawishika kuamini kuhusu rogue elements? Tumeshuhudia matukio kadhaa huko nyuma. Naamini wengi wa wasomaji mtakuwa bado mnakumbuka tukio la mwandishi wa habari mahiri na mhariri  wa gazeti la Mwanahalisi, Said Kubenea, kumwagiwa tindikali usoni. Kibaya zaidi katika tukio hilo, mmoja wa wahusika alitajwa kuwa ni mwajiriwa wa TISS.

Sijui kesi hiyo iliishaje lakini la msingi hapa ni kuwa iliacha doa la aina fulani kwa taasisi hiyo hasa kwa vile haikuwahi kumkana afisa huyo (kwa maana ya kusema hakutumwa kiofisi bali alikuwa ‘rogue officer’ tu).
Itakumbukwa pia kuwa Waziri wa Uchukuzi Dk. Harrison Mwakyembe aliwahi kueleza kuwa Idara ya Usalama wa Taifa ilikuwa na mpango wa kumuua. Kama ilivyokuwa kwa tukio la Kubenea lililomhusisha mtu aliyatajwa kuwa ni Afisa Usalama wa Taifa, Idara hiyo haikuwahi kukanusha tuhuma hizo.

Tukirejea kwenye tuhuma za CHADEMA dhidi ya TISS, binafsi nashawishika kuamini kuwa kama kuna ukweli katika tuhuma hizo basi itakuwa ni zilezile ‘rogue elements’ ambazo ninaamini zipo ndani ya taasisi hiyo nyeti.

Najua hili halitowapendeza wahusika, lakini kuna hisia kwamba ukiweka kando taasisi hiyo kuendeshwa kama kitengo cha usalama cha CCM moja ya sababu nyingine kubwa ya matatizo yanayoikabili taasisi hiyo ni ajira zilizotolewa pasipo kuzingatia ‘wito’ na ‘kipaji’ cha kuwa Afisa Usalama.

Popote duniani, maafisa usalama wanapaswa kuwa ‘watu zaidi ya watu wa kawaida’ kwa maana ya kuwa na upeo na uwezo wa hali ya juu katika takriban kila nyanja ya akili zao:  na huo ndio msingi wa neno INTELLIGENCE kwa kimombo.

Sasa tunaporuhusu watoto zetu, ndugu au jamaa zetu kuingizwa kwenye taasisi nyeti kama hiyo kwa vile tu ‘kuna maslahi manono’ tunaiweka rehani nchi yetu.

Naomba niwe mkweli. Madudu mengi yanayoendelea katika Tanzania yetu kwa sasa yanachangiwa na ubabaishaji unaoendelea ndani ya idara hiyo muhimu kwa ustawi na maendeleo ya taifa lolote lile duniani. Wao wanafahamu kanuni hii: uimara au kuyumba kwa nchi ni kielelezo cha uimara au udhaifu wa Idara ya Usalama ya nchi husika.

Sasa kama tuna maofisa usalama huko Benki Kuu (BoT) lakini bado ufisadi wa EPA ukafanikiwa, na kama TISS ipo kazini saa 24 lakini bado kuna majambazi wamemudu kutorosha mabilioni ya dola na kuzificha nchini Uswisi basi ni wazi Idara hiyo ni dhaifu.

Na kama tunakubaliana kuwa kuna udhaifu mkubwa katika taasisi hiyo, kwa nini basi CHADEMA wasiamini taarifa kuwa Idara hiyo ina mpango wa kuwadhuru? Sitaki kuamini kuwa, iwapo taarifa hizo ni kweli, basi ni za ki-Idara bali ninaendelea kuhisi kuwa ni matokeo ya kulea ‘rogue elements’ ndani ya chombo hicho muhimu.

Unajua, inapofika mahala Afisa Usalama wa Taifa anaona sifa kutangaza wadhifa wake baa ili vimwana watambue kuwa yeye ni shushushu, au kiongozi mwandamizi wa taasisi hiyo nyeti anapoweza kufanya ‘madudu’ hadi sisi tulio nje ya nchi tukafahamu, basi ni wazi kunahitajika kazi ya ziada kurekebisha mwenendo wa chombo hicho nyeti.

Ninatambua kuwa kuna watakaokerwa (na pengine kushauri hatua ‘mwafaka dhidi ya mtizamo wangu’) lakini ninaamini kuwa kila Afisa Usalama wa Taifa mzalendo na aliyekula kiapo cha utii kwa Taifa anakerwa kuona nchi yetu ikienda kwa mwendo wa bora liende huku rasilimali zetu zikiporwa kwa mtindo wa ‘bandika bandua.’

Pasipo mageuzi ya haraka ndani ya taasisi hiyo si tu itaendelea kutuhumiwa na CHADEMA lakini mwishowe walipa kodi wanaowezesha maslahi manono kwa wanausalama wetu watasema ‘imetosha.’
Watanzania wanaweza kufika mahala wakahoji umuhimu wa kuwa na taasisi ya ‘kufikirika’ ambayo licha ya kuogopwa na wengi (nikiamini bado kuna wanaoiogopa) inashindwa kudhibiti uharamia lukuki unaofanywa dhidi ya nchi yetu na Watanzania wenzetu kwa kutumia madaraka yao.

Nimalizie makala hii kwa kutoa tahadhari kwa Idara hiyo kwamba maswali magumu hayajibiwi kwa majibu mepesi. Mmoja wa viongozi wa ngazi za juu za taasisi hiyo amejibu tuhuma zilizotolewa na CHADEMA kwa namna ileile alivyojibu mwaka 2010 pale Idara hiyo ilipotuhumiwa kuihujumu CHADEMA kwenye kinyang’anyiro cha Uchaguzi Mkuu. Tatizo la kiongozi huyo, na pengine Idara hiyo kwa ujumla ni uzembe wa kusoma alama za nyakati.

Na kila mzalendo-awe ndani ya taasisi hiyo au mwananchi wa kawaida-anapaswa kupinga kwa nguvu zote dalili za kutaka kuigeuza nchi yetu kuwa ‘Mafia State’ (yaani dola ambayo kila Tom, Dick na Harry anaweza kuteka na kutesa au kupanga kuuwa wale  wanaopigania haki za wanyonge kama hao viongozi wa CHADEMA wanaodai kutishiwa kuuawa kwa ‘kosa la kuwakalia kooni wabaka uchumi wetu.’)

Biblia inasema mwenye haki ataanguka saba mara sabini lakini atasimama. Na kila mzalendo atakwazwa vya kutosha lakini, inshallah, Tanzania tunayoistahili itafikiwa.


 Sehemu ya kilichojiri Kanisani kwa mchungaji Gwajima, jumapili ya leo, pale mchungaji huyo mashuhuri nchini alipokuwa akikanusha kuwa kuna mtu mwenye asili ya Kenya ambaye alifika kanisani kwake kukiri na kutubu dhambi ya kuhusika kwake katika utekwaji na uteswaji wa Dr. Ulimboka, kama ambavyo jeshi la Polisi liliarifu hivi karibuni 

 Video na caption kwa hisani za Da Subi na Jukwaa Huru


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