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29 Jan 2011

Katika siku za hivi karibuni,gazeti la Tanzania Daima limeonekana kama linafanya juhudi za wazi kuiweka profile ya Edward Lowassa machoni na masikioni mwa wasomaji wa gazeti hilo.

Ukidhani observation hii ni ya majungu,basi nakushauri uanze na habari zilizo kwenye toleo la kesho Jumapili (mbalo tayari lipo mtandaoni katika tovuti ya gazeti hilo) kisha fanya assessment yako Jumapili ijayo,na nyingineyo.

Je hizi ni sehemu ya kampeni za kumrithi Kikwete 2015?

Nimechokoza tu udadisi,hitimisho nakuachia wewe msomaji

17 Dec 2010

So the infamous Dunstan Tido Mhando is gone!I was a bit shocked to learn that,not because he did or did not deserbe the boot,but rather the fact the the guy had been running TBC as if it were an extension of the CCM-owned Radio Uhuru.You wouldn't blame him,would you?He had to serve his masters in the government who shamelessly disregard the fact that state-run bodies are funded by all Tanzanian taxpayers (minus mafisadi,of course) regardless of their politicwl affiliations.

Tido has simply been used and abused.I'm sorry to say this but anyone,journalists included,who allow themselves to be used by some unscrupulous politicians could find themselves deemed useless once their service is no longer required.We all are aware of how,for instance, our artists attract inexplicable attention from our politicians come elections,only to hear the same cries of "tumesahauliwa" after the elections.Our ever important politicians can't afford to be seen sorrounded by a bunch of wana bongoflava.They had afterall done their job and got paid,so no more reasons for them to hang around with such important people in our society.

Of course we could blame such selfish crooks who never shy away from taking for a long ride whoever willing to attend to their needs but I think the latter deserve a share of such blames simply because they wouldnt be on the receiving end of such dirty games had they resisted being manipulated in the first place.Njaa?kujikomba?Blind faith?or sheer stupidity?

Back to poor Tido,he just reaped what he had sewn.I simply don't get it when I hear some people suspecting that his removal would bring TBC back to the 'Radio Tanzania era'.What they overlook is the fact that before he took the TBC post,Tido was working with one of the best,and hugely transparent,media house in the world,The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).Some people.Some of us expected that Tido would have brought "the BBC effect" to Tanzanian media but you and I know how he fared.Of course,I understand it wouldn't have been easy for him to transform an exceedingly biased,pro-ruling party state-owned media into an independent,fair and balanced organisation but at least he could have tried.Praising him for allowing opposition parties candidates to take part in "Jimbo kwa Jimbo" is totally missing the point.Why?Because that's actually what a public funded media organisation is supposed to do.Let us not forget what TBC behaved when Chadema inaugurated their general election campaign.And who was TBC's top boss when that was happening?

Rumour has it that Tido was brought to TBC by a certain bigwig who's currently not in the government.If such rumours are true,then why should we feel sorry for someone who got the job not on merit but rather because someone out wanted Tido at the helm of TBC for the bigwig's personal interests to be realised?

I just hope Tido has learned a lesson that political conmen would never hesitate to use and abuse anyone who is willing to be manipulated.For these cons,any tesource is like a condom: needed before and during sex,but something to disposed of immediately after the act.It's my hope that a decorated professional like him would never again allow any politician to take him for a stepping stone.There were some rumours that a certain fisadi who's aspiring to vie for the presidency in 2015 was planning to recruit Tido as his proposed TV/radio chief.If the rumours eventually turn out to be true in the future,and Tido grabs the offer,then we surely haven't seen the end of saddening chapters in Tido's professional life.

5 Feb 2010

More than a decade ago, I happened to share a flat with a Tanzanian High Court judge’s son. Knowing how publicity-shy he is, I better keep his name to myself. Call me 'old-fashioned' who’s never had  opportunity to mingle with the famous. You could be right, but I always believe in a saying that “beauty should never be imprisoned”, meaning that we should never fail to acknowledge some of  good experiences we come across in others, especially when “others” stands for the famous, celebrities and the likes.

Recently, I have had a similar experience, though not of sharing same flat with someone who’s famous. On my usual “visits” to Facebook, I met Sophia Kessy, a Clouds FM radio presenter. We had never chatted before although she had been my Facebook friend for quite a while. Chatting to her, I could not resist admiring how down to earth she was. Of course, you wouldn’t fail to notice how wise and intelligent she is if you pay close attention to her educational and motivational quotes on her Facebook wall.

Talk to people you have never talked to before, and actually listen. Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you either. You can make of your life anything you wish. Create your own life and then go out and live it. That was her latest quote posted on her wall a few minutes ago before I decided that I should write something about her. I would definitely put my money on her had there been a competition in Facebook on who writes “most sensible stuffs” on their walls.

What Sophia proves is, being a celebrity should not necessarily mean being big-headed, pompous, unapproachable or inaccessible to the normal people. Some celebrities tend to forget that their fame is a product of the same people they avoid or ignore. The good thing about mingling with the “normal people” is not only creating a solid and true fan base but also learning from them. As we know, sometimes fame forces people to act- smiling when they are not happy or crying when they not sorry-especially when the camera is around. For that matter, being surrounded with fellow celebrities or famous people make it hard for one to sincerely know if all is what it seems.

Big up &Keep it up, Sophia. And let’s hope our ever growing army of celebrities will take a leaf from your sensible, charming and down-to-earth personality.

28 Apr 2009


Na Boniface Meena

UMAARUFU wa Rais Jakaya Kikwete unaonyesha kuendelea kuporomoka, kwa mujibu wa ripoti ya matokeo ya utafiti uliofanywa na taasisi ya Mpango wa Utafiti wa Elimu ya Demokrasia nchini (Redet).

Ripoti hiyo pia inaonyesha kuwa utendaji kazi wa Rais Kikwete, ambaye aliingia madarakani mwaka 2005 kuongoza serikali ya awamu ya nne, umeshuka kwa asilimia 28 mwaka jana ukilinganisha na matokeo ya utafiti ya mwaka 2006.

Pamoja na kushuka kwa asilimia hiyo, utafiti huo umeonyesha kuwa wananchi waliohojiwa wanaridhika zaidi na utendaji wa Rais Kikwete, kuliko wanavyoridhishwa na utendaji kazi wa baraza lake la mawaziri ambalo utendaji wake umekubaliwa na asilimia 18 tu.

Kwa mujibu wa utafiti huo, watu wanaoridhika sana na utendaji kazi wa Kikwete ni asilimia 39.5 tu kulinganisha na asilimia 69 iliyoonyesha kuridhika naye sana mwaka 2006.

Akitoa taarifa ya utafiti huo jana kwa waandishi wa habari, mtafiti mkuu wa Redet, Dk Benadetha Killian alisema kuwa ukilinganisha takwimu za Oktoba 2006 na Oktoba 2007, asilimia ya wale wahojiwa ambao wanasema wanaridhika sana na utendaji kazi wa Rais Kikwete imepungua kutoka asilimia 69 Oktoba 2006 hadi asilimia 44 mwezi Oktoba 2007 na sasa imefikia asilimia 39.5 hadi Novemba mwaka jana.

Dk. Killian alisema kuwa ukichambua undani wa mwenendo huo utaona kwamba wakati idadi ya wanaosema wanaridhika sana iliteremka kwa tofauti ya asilimia 23, kati ya mwaka 2006 na 2007, kasi ya kutoridhika sana imepungua ukilinganisha na matokeo ya mwaka 2007/08 wakati idadi ya wahojiwa ambao walisema wanaridhika sana ilipungua kwa tofauti ya asilimia 4.5 tu.

Kwa mujibu wa Dk. Killian, ukusanyaji wa maoni kwa ajili ya utafiti huo ulifanyika katika mikoa yote ya Tanzania Bara na Visiwani na sampuli ilichaguliwa katika ngazi tatu ambazo ni wilaya na vijiji/mitaa na katika kila ngazi sampuli ilipatikana kwa kutumia mtindo wa sampuli nasibu.

"Katika kila wilaya, watafiti walitakiwa kuchagua vijiji viwili (kwa maeneo ya shamba) au mitaa miwili (kwa maeneo ya mjini) kwa kutumia njia ya sampuli nasibu. Katika kila wilaya, jumla ya watu 50 walichaguliwa kwa ajili ya kuhojiwa, 25 kutoka kila kijiji/mtaa," alisema.

"Na kati ya watu 50 waliohojiwa katika kila wilaya, 25 walitakiwa wawe wanawake na wengine 25 wawe wanaume na uchaguzi wote wa wahojiwa ulifanyika kwa kutumia njia ya sampuli nasibu."

Alisema ukiacha masuala mengine ya utendaji wa mawaziri, waliohojiwa walitakiwa kutoa tathimini yao kuhusu utendaji kazi wa Rais Kikwete katika kipindi cha takriban miaka mitatu ya utawala wake kwa kutoa maoni yao kama wanaridhika sana, wanaridhika kiasi au hawaridhiki.

Dk. Killian alisema kati ya wote waliohojiwa, asilimia 39.5 walisema wanaridhishwa sana na utendaji wa Rais Kikwete, asilimia 39.0 walisema wanaridhika kiasi na asilimia 19.3 walisema hawaridhiki na utendaji kazi wa mkuu huyo wa nchi.

Alisema hata hivyo kwa ujumla, matokeo ya utafiti wa Novemba mwaka jana yanaashiria kwamba, utendaji kazi wa Rais Kikwete bado unaonekana kuridhisha idadi kubwa ya watu pale ambapo makundi mawili ya wahojiwa yanapojumlishwa pamoja yaani wale wanaosema wanaridhika sana asilimia 39.5 na wale wanaosema wanaridhika kiasi asilimia 39 ikiwa inafanya idadi hiyo ya wahojiwa wote kufikia asilimia 78.5.

Dk Killian alisema sababu za kuridhika au kutoridhika na utendaji kazi wa serikali ya Rais Kikwete ni kutoridhishwa na ahadi yake ya kuboresha hali ya maisha. Asilimia 31.0 ya waliohojiwa walisema ameshindwa kuboresha hali ya maisha, wakati asilimia 24 walisema hajatimiza ahadi na asilimia 12.2 walisema hafuatilii utekelezaji wa ahadi zake.

"Sababu nyingine zilizotolewa na wahojiwa ni kuchagua viongozi wasiofaa asilimia 10.8, ameshindwa kupambana na rushwa asilimia 8.0, lakini pamoja na kwamba utafiti huu ulifanywa kipindi ambacho "vigogo" walikuwa wanapelekwa mahakamani kuhusiana na tuhuma za matumizi mabaya ya ofisi na wengine kutuhumiwa na wizi wa fedha za akaunti ya madeni ya nje (EPA), ni asilimia 6 tu ndiyo waliotaja moja kwa moja suala hili kama sababu ya kutoridhishwa au kuridhishwa kiasi na utendaji kazi wa rais," alisema.

Alisema sababu za wananchi kutoridhika na utendaji wa serikali iliyo madarakani ni kutofuatilia utekelezaji asilimia 30.7, serikali kujihusisha na rushwa asilimia 29 na inapitisha mikataba mibovu asilimia 10.0.

Utafiti huo pia unaonyesha kuwa bunge ndio linaongoza kwa kutoridhisha wananchi baada ya asilimia kubwa ya waliohojiwa kueleza kuwa hawaridhishwi na taasisi hiyo ya kutunga sheria.

Bunge limeonekana kutoridhisha wengi tofauti na taasisi za serikali kama polisi, taasisi ya kuzuia na kupambana na rushwa nchini, serikali za mitaa na kadhalika.

Dk. Killian alisema bunge linaongoza kwa kuwa na asilimia kubwa ya kiwango cha kutoridhika ambacho ni asilimia 77.4, ikifuatiwa na serikali za mitaa asilimia 75.6 wakati baraza la mawaziri linashika nafasi ya tatu kwa asilimia 63.

Kwa upande wa utendaji kazi wa Rais Amani Abeid Karume wa Zanzibar, utafiti unaonyesha kuwa asilimia 44 tu ya wote waliohojiwa wanaridhika sana, wakati asilimia 24 wanaridhika kiasi na asilimia 26 walisema hawaridhiki.

Alisema kiwango cha utendaji wa Rais Karume kimeonekana kupanda kwa asilimia 9 ukilinganisha na utafiti wa Oktoba 2007 wakati asilimia 35.5 tu ilimkubali baada ya kuporomoka kutoka asilimia 47.8 aliyopata kipindi cha hadi Oktoba 2006 na baadaye kupanda kutoka asilimia 35.5 Oktoba 2007.

CHANZO: Mwananchi

Nyota ya Kikwete Bado Yang'ara
na mwandishi Wetu

Watanzania walio wengi, zaidi ya asilimia 80, bado wana imani na Rais Jakaya Kikwete, kuliko miaka minne iliyopita alipochaguliwa kuwa Rais. Pia asilimia kubwa ya Watanzania inaridhishwa na utendaji kazi wa Rais na Serikali yake.

Kura ya maoni iliyoendeshwa na taasisi ya uchunguzi inayojitegemea ya REDET kuhusu utendaji wa Serikali ya Kikwete katika miaka mitatu iliyopita ya uongozi wake, inaonyesha kuwa asilimia 83.7 ya Watanzania wana imani naye.

Kundi hilo la Watanzania wanaothibitisha kuwa na imani na Rais Kikwete likigawanywa katika makundi ya ulinganisho wa imani, asilimia 50 inasema ina imani sana kwa kiongozi huyo, asilimia 33.7 inasema ina imani kiasi cha kutosha kwake.

Asilimia hiyo ni kubwa kuliko ile ya ushindi wa urais mwaka 2005, alipochaguliwa kwa kishindo ambapo alichaguliwa kwa asilimia 82. Hakuna mwanataaluma yeyote wa REDET ambaye alikubali kuzungumza na gazeti hili kuhusu kura hiyo ya maoni licha ya kupatikana kwa nakala ya matokeo ya utafiti huo.

Lakini habari zinasema matokeo kamili ya kura hiyo yanatarajiwa kutangazwa rasmi wiki ijayo na uongozi wa REDET. Kubwa zaidi katika ripoti hiyo, ni ukweli kuwa asilimia ya Watanzania wenye kuridhishwa na utendaji kazi wa Rais Kikwete bado iko juu.

Utafiti huo wa kisayansi na wa kina uliofanyika katika sehemu mbalimbali za nchi mijini na vijijini unaonyesha kuwa asilimia 78 ya Watanzania wanaridhishwa na utendaji kazi wake. Matokeo ya kura hizo yamethibisha kwa mara nyingine, ukweli ambao umebakia bila kubadilika kuhusu imani ya wananchi kwa Rais Kikwete na utendaji wake tangu alipoingia madarakani.

Kura zote za maoni ambazo zimefanyika tangu wakati huo, zimekuwa zikionyesha kuwa kiwango cha imani ya wananchi wake na kwa utendaji kazi wake kimebakia kwenye eneo la asilimia 80. Kura hizo pia zinaonyesha kuwa imani ya wananchi kwa wasaidizi wake wakuu ni ya juu.

Zinaonyesha pia kuwa asilimia 82.7 wana imani na Makamu wa Rais, Dk. Ali Mohammed Shein akiwa nyuma ya Rais kwa asilimia moja, wakati Waziri Mkuu Mizengo Pinda anavutia asilimia 84. Utafiti huo pia unathibitisha kuwa wananchi kiasi cha asilimia 70 wana imani na Baraza la Mawaziri, wakati asilimia 66 wana imani na wakuu wa mikoa. Imani ya wananchi inashuka kidogo kwa Bunge ambalo lina asilimia 65.

Katika namna ambayo pia itakipa nguvu na kuifurahisha CCM, asilimia ya Watanzania ambao wanasema wanaridhishwa na utendaji kazi wa chama hicho ni 72.8 wakati asilimia 75.6 wanasema wana imani na chama hicho. Matokeo hayo yatakifurahisha chama hicho kwa sababu asilimia hiyo kubwa ya kukubaliwa na Watanzania imebakia ya kiwango hicho hicho kwa karibu miaka 17 tangu kuanzishwa kwa vyama vya upinzani nchini.

Mwaka 1992 wakati CCM na serikali zilipoongoza mageuzi ya kuingia katika mfumo wa vyama vingi, ilikuwa baada ya uchunguzi uliothibitisha kuwa ni asilimia 20 tu ya Watanzania waliokuwa wanataka mfumo wa vyama vingi. Kwa namna moja au nyingine, asilimia hiyo imebakia na kujithibitisha mara nyingi kupitia njia mbalimbali ikiwa ni pamoja na kupitia uchaguzi mkuu ambao umefanyika tangu wakati huo na hasa uliopita uliomwingiza Rais Kikwete madarakani mwaka 2005. Kwa upande wa vyama vya upinzani, asilimia ya Watanzania ambayo inasema haina imani na vyama hivyo inabakia juu kwa asilimia zaidi ya 31.

CHANZO: HabariLeo

13 Dec 2008

Watanzania wengi wanapenda habari.Na siku hizi vyombo vya habari viko vya kumwaga.Hata hivyo,upatikanaji wa habari za uhakika bado ni tatizo.Kwanza,wanahabari wengi wa huko nyumbani wanapendelea zaidi kuripoti habari badala ya kuleta habari iliyochunguzwa.Leo hii ukitoka ughaibuni na vizawadi viwili vitatu kisha ukaitisha press conference na kudai unataka kuanzisha mradi flani,kesho yake habari hizo zitaripotiwa kama ulivyotaka.Na kama hiyo press conference itaambatana na makulaji na vinywaji basi si ajabu habari hiyo ikawa ukurasa wa kwanza.Of course,kuna exceptions kwenye magazeti kama This Day,Kulikoni,Raia Mwema,Mwanahalisi na mengine machache.

Tatizo la pili katika upitakanaji wa habari liko katika mafungu mawili.Kwanza,japo magazeti ni mengi,wenye uwezo wa kununua bado si wengi sana.Bei ya wastani ya gazeti ni shilingi 400.Ukizingatia ugumu wa maisha,ni vigumu kutoa kiasi hicho kwa gazeti ambalo ukishasoma linakuwa halina matumizi mengine ya muhimu.Pili,upatikanaji wa habari kwa njia ya runinga na redio bado ni mgumu katika maeneo mbalimbali ya nchi yetu.Nilipokuwa Ifakara hivi karibuni,nilibaini kwamba ili uweze kukamata matangazo ya vituo vyote vya televisheni ni lazima uwe na "ungo".Sasa unaweza ku-imagine ni watu wangapi wenye uwezo wa kumudu gharama za kununua na ku-install satellite dish.

Pamoja na "chengachenga" za hapa na pale,redio imeendelea kuwa tegemeo la wengi hasa vijijini.Na ukipta hapa na pale utakuta wazee wetu nyakati za jioni wakisikiliza matangazo ya Idhaa ya Kiswahili ya BBC au Deutsche Welle.Na kupitia matangazo hayo ndipo mzee wangu mmoja niliyeongea nae kwa simu jioni ya leo alipata habari kwamba kuna wawekezaji kadhaa "walioingizwa mkenge" na tapeli mmoja,Bernard Madoff,katika kile kinachofahamika kama Ponzi Scheme.Mzee huyo aliniuliza inakuwaje "wazungu" wenye uelewa mkubwa wa mambo waliweza kuhadaika na kushiriki "upatu" huo?Sikua na jibu kwa vile habari yenyewe ilikuwa bado ngeni kwangu.Kama mwenzangu nawe hujaipata,BONYEZA HAPA kuisoma kwa undani.

8 Nov 2008

Na Daniel Mjema, Dodoma
SERIKALI imekiri kuwa gazeti lake la Habari Leo liliandika habari ya uchochezi na kuliahidi Bunge kuwa italichukulia hatua zinazostahili gazeti hilo.

Hatua hiyo ya serikali inafuatia agizo la Bunge kwamba ilichukulie hatua kali gazeti hilo kwa kuchapisha habari za uchochezi dhidi ya wabunge wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), serikali na Rais Jakaya Kikwete.

Kauli hiyo ilitolewa na Waziri wa Habari, Utamaduni na Michezo baada Mbunge wa Simanjiro, Christopher Ole Sendeka, kulalamika kuhusina na kitendo cha gazeti hilo la serikali kuchapisha habari hiyo.

Awali mbunge huyo aliomba mwongozo wa Spika jana kuhusiana na habari hiyo akisema kuwa ni nzito na ya uchochezi kuliko iliyoandikwa na gazeti la MwanaHALISI lililofungiwa miezi mitatu hivi karibuni na waziri huyo.

Habari hiyo iliyochapwa Jumatano wiki hii katika toleo namba 636 ilikuwa na kichwa cha habari likichosema ‘Kundi la wabunge wa CCM lasuka zengwe la EPA” na kuelezea njama za wabunge hao wa CCM kumpinga Rais kuhusu hatua zake dhiti ya watuhumiwa wa EPA.

Ole Sendeka alisema habari hiyo ni ya uchochezi mkubwa, hasa inapodai kuwa zipo njama za wabunge wa CCM za kumpinga Rais Jakaya Kikwete kuhusu uamuzi wake katika sakata la kashfa ya fedha za EPA.

Mbunge huyo alisema gazeti hilo limejenga hoja kuonyesha kwamba wabunge hao wa CCM wamekuwa wakitumiwa na watu waliopo nje ya Bunge kupinga maamuzi ya Rais baada ya kuagiza kuwa watuhumiwa wafikishwe kortini.

Ole Sendeka alisema habari hiyo ni nzito na ya uchochezi kuliko ile ya gazeti la MwanaHALISI, kwa sababu inawagombanisha wabunge hao na Serikali pamoja na Rais na kutaka mwongozo wa Spika ni hatua gani zitachukuliwa.

Baada ya maelezo hayo, Spika Samwel Sitta aliungana na Mbunge huyo na kusema kuwa hata yeye alishtuka sana aliposoma habari hizo na kuongeza kuwa huo ni mchezo mchafu ambao serikali inapaswa kuuchukulia hatua kali.

“Hata mimi nilishtuka sana niliposoma habari hiyo, kwa kweli ni mchezo mchafu sana, ingekuwa imeandikwa na gazeti hovyo hovyo hivi tusingeshangaa sana, lakini hili ni gazeti la Serikali,” alisema Sitta.

Sitta ambaye alionekana kukerwa na habari hiyo aliongeza kusema kuwa: “Linapokuwa limechapisha gazeti la Serikali, hili ni jambo zito sana, hivyo naagiza wahusika waliotajwa na gazeti hilo waandike malalamiko rasmi kwa waziri husika”.

Spika alisema pamoja na wahusika ambao ni wabunge wa CCM, kuwasilisha malalamiko hayo na kupeleka kwa waziri nakala za gazeti hilo, Bunge litafuatilia kujua hatua zilizochukuliwa dhidi ya chimbo hicho cha habari cha serikali.

Mara baada ya maelezo hayo , Waziri wa Habari, Utamaduni na Michezo, George Mkuchika, ambaye ndiye aliyelifungia gazeti la MwanaHALSI alisimama na kukiri kuwa gazeti hilo la serikali kuandika habari hizo za uchochezi.

Hata hivyo, alisema kuwa wizara yake imekwishachukua hatua kwa kuwaandikia wahusika kuwataka wajieleze kuhusu ukweli wa habari hiyo na baada ya kupokea maelezo hayo serikali itachukua hatua zinazostahili.

Pamoja na maelezo hayo, Spika alimweleza waziri huyo kuwa ni vyema taarifa ya jinsi serikali ilivyolishughulikia suala hilo iwasilishwe katika ofisi ya Spika ili naye aishirikishe Kamati ya Bunge ya Maadili.

Mwezi mmoja uliopita serikali ililiufnugia kwa miezi mitatu gazeti la MwanaHALISI kwa maelezo kwamba limeandika habari ya uchochezi iliyokuwa na kichwa kisemacho: ‘Njama za kungoa Kitwete zafichuka’, ambayo ilieleza kwamba ndani ya CCM kuna watu wanataka kumzuia Rais Kikwete asigombee urais tena kipindi cha pili.

Waziri husika alisema serikali imechukua hatua kwa sababu gazeti hili imeandika habari yenye lengo la kumchonganisha Rais na mtoto wake aliyedaiwa kutumiwa na kundi la baadhi ya vigogo wa CCM wanaotaka kumwengua ili asigombee kipindi cha pili.

Hatua ya waziri huyo kulifungia gazeti hilo kilipingwa na wadau mbali mbali wa habari na kufuatiwa na maandamano ya amani ya wahiri wa vyombo vya habari nchini hadi katika ofizi za wizara hiyo wakiwa wameziba midomo na gundi ya karatasi au plasta.

CHANZO: Mwananchi

19 Jun 2008

Makala yangu katika toleo la wiki hii la gazeti la Raia Mwema inaanza kwa kuwashutumu watangazaji wa radio na runinga za Bongo ambao wanafanya mzaha kwenye shughuli muhimu.Makala inawalenga watangaza taarifa za habari ambao aidha hawajiandai vya kutosha kabla ya news bulletins kiasi cha kuchapia maneno,especially majina ya watu na sehemu,au wanaokuwa too obsessed na sauti za akina Jacob Tesha,Ahmed Kipozi,Ahmed Jongo,Abubakari Liongo,Charles Hillary,nk to an extent wanaishia kusoma madudu badala ya habari.Kuiga sauti sio uhaini lakini kwa kufanya hivyo isiwe sababu ya kusoma vitu vya ajabu.

Pia makala yangu inazungumzia suala zima la ushirikina hapa nyumbani ambapo nimejaribu kulitazama kwa upande mmoja kama mwanafunzi wa zamani wa sosholojia ya dini (sociology of religion) na kwa upande mwingine kama mwanajamii ninayeelewa nini kinanizunguka,hata kama tunaona aibu kukiongelea.Sio siri kwamba mambo ya ushirikina yameshika hatamu sana katika jamii mbalimbali za Kiafrika,lakini hii ya Fisadi Mzee wa Vijisenti kumwaga ndumba ndani ya Bunge inaonyesha jinsi gani mambo yanakwenda mrama sana katika nchi hii tuliyoahidiwa kuwa maisha bora kwa kila aliyezaliwa hapa yanawezekana.Nisikunyime uhodno,bingirika na makala hiyo pamoja na nyingine zilizokwenda shule ya kutosha KWA KUBONYEZA HAPA


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