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20 Jun 2011

Tunisia's Ben Ali sentenced in absentia to 35 years

TUNIS (Reuters) - A Tunisian court sentenced former president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in absentia on Monday to 35 years in jail, six months after his ouster in a revolution helped inspire the "Arab Spring."

Ben Ali, who has been in Saudi Arabia since he was forced from office, was found guilty after just one day of deliberation of theft, illegally possessing jewellery and large sums of cash.

The same sentence was handed down to his wife Leila Trabelsi, a former hairdresser whose lavish lifestyle and clique of wealthy relatives was for many Tunisians a symbol of the corruption of Ben Ali's time in office.

Ben Ali flew to Saudi Arabia on January 14 after mass protests against his 23-year rule. While he was in office, members of his extended family built stakes in the country's biggest businesses and accumulated vast fortunes.

Tunisia's revolt electrified millions across the Arab world who suffer similarly from high unemployment, rising prices and repressive governments. Ben Ali's has been watched closely in Egypt, where former president Hosni Mubarak is due to stand trial over the killing of protesters.

In a statement issued by his lawyers earlier on Monday, Ben Ali denied all the charges against him, saying that he was the victim of a political plot. He said he had been tricked into leaving the country.

During the hearing, a prosecutor had asked the judge to hand down "the most severe punishments for those who betrayed the trust and stole the money of the people for their personal gain .... They did not stop stealing for 23 years."

The judge, who read out the verdict and sentence in the Palace of Justice in the Tunisian capital, also ruled Ben Ali and his wife would have to pay fines totalling 91 million Tunisian dinars (40.6 million pounds).

The judge said the verdict on other charges, relating to illegal possession of drugs and weapons, would be pronounced on June 30, according to a Reuters reporter who was in the courtroom.


Earlier, Ben Ali's lawyers had given the first detailed account of the events that led to his departure from Tunisia.

At the time, thousands of protesters had gathered in the centre of the capital Tunis to demand that he step down, the culmination of three weeks of demonstrations which police tried to disperse by firing on the crowds.

The statement issued by his lawyers said that the head of presidential security had come to Ben Ali in his office and told him "friendly" foreign intelligence services had passed on information about a plot to assassinate the president.

He was persuaded to get on a plane that was taking his wife and children to safety in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, but with the intention of returning immediately, the statement said.

"He boarded the plane with his family after ordering the crew to wait for him in Jeddah. But after his arrival in Jeddah, the plane returned to Tunisia without waiting for him, contrary to his orders.

"He did not leave his post as president of the republic and hasn't fled Tunisia as he was falsely accused of doing," the statement said.

Ben Ali's version of events is unlikely to elicit sympathy from the majority of Tunisians. They are now enjoying relative freedom after decades when most people would not speak openly for fear of arrest by the secret police.

In his statement released on Monday, Ben Ali said the weapons he was accused of possessing illegally were gifts from other heads of state and the jewellery had been given as gifts to his wife by foreign dignitaries.

The money and drugs had been planted in his home and the presidential palace after his departure as part of the plot against him, he said in the statement.

SOURCE: Reuters

20 Mar 2011

Pichani ni hekalu linalomilikiwa na Dikteta Muamar Gaddafi.Jumba hilo la kifahari (thamani yake ni takriban shilingi bilioni 27)lipo jijini London lakini kwa sasa limepata "wamiliki" wapya...watu wasio na makazi maalumu (squatters) wameamua kuchukua sheria mkononi na kuhamia hapo.Nani asiyetaka kuishi kwenye hekalu?Na hasa pale mmiliki wa hekalu hilo maji hana hakika kama kesho atakuwa madarakani!!!

Je mafisadi wanapoona picha kama hii viroho haviwadundi japo kidogo?Good news is,hata wasipokumbwa na kimbembe kama hiki cha Gaddafi,siku moja wataitwa mbele ya haki na Mwenyezi hayo mabilioni wanayotudhulumu,kutunyang'anya,kutuibia,kutupora,nk WATAYAACHA HAPA HAPA DUNIANI.

21 Jan 2011

Tamko La Umoja wa Vijana Mafisadi


28 Apr 2009

St John’s NL, Canada

AT last names are openly named! When Hon. Harrison Mwakyembe named Rostam Aziz as a suspect behind Kagoda profligacy, many scratched their heads. Some thought it was just politics. Others said: there must be something truly fishy. Others thought the government would wake up and bring him to book. Mwakyembe is a lawyer and an MP who knows what he is doing.

Before long, Reginald Mengi, the Executive Chairman of IPP, massively and openly weighed in with more damning allegations. He minced no words. He averred: Rostam, Yusuf Manji, Jayantkumar Chandubhai Patel (Jeetu Patel) who is facing EPA charges, Tanil Somaiya, and Subash Patel are the most corrupt people in Tanzania.

Today I’ll specifically look at two -Rostam and Manji. They’ve been stealing thunder when it comes to corruption save the government has pretended not to hear or see!
No doubt. The two are CCM bigwigs just like Mengi himself.

What makes things worse is the fact that the duo has been mentioned, though not openly, in almost all multi-million scams. I still remember how Manji was alleged to have swindled wananchi’s money, thanks to his business connections with NSSF. Though this was swept under the carpet, we still have more questions than answers.

Manji also tried hand in politics when he vied for Kigamboni Constituency backed by Yusuf Makamba - CCM’s secretary general who is said to have thick but suspicious bond with the duo.

As for Rostam, it’s an open secret. �He has been cowering before allegations connecting him with EPA theft thanks to being the mind behind Kagoda. Refer to the recent revelations by Bhyidinka Michael Sanze, a lawyer who presided over EPA authorization by Benjamin Mkapa - former president engrossed in many scams.

Also Rostam was linked with Richmond, thanks to his Caspian Company’s address being used by Richmond. He too was named by Ibrahim Msabaha as PM Edward Lowassa’s Arab in Richmond scam.

What damns so as to create doubts is the fact that, the duo, despite being mentioned in many scandals, still has much influence in CCM. They are awarded many lucrative tenders and other projects. They, too, are CCM’s financiers or donors. And this is the reason that forced the Father of the Nation Mwl. Julius Nyerere to sarcastically aver that CCM has been taken by corrupt business people. Who can step in Nyerere’s shoes.
Given that the government has been dragging feet in dealing with the buggers behind Kagoda, now it is aware who those buggers are. Will it go on keeping mum and acting indifferently as it sits on the same.

Silence is gold. But sometimes, it is admission of guilt. When Rostam was confronted by the media to shed light onto Mengi’s allegations, he’s quoted as thus. ’’Mengi is full of jealousy, hatred and what not. There is no way I can help him except to pray God and ignore all, for it is enough a punishment for him. Due to how I was brought up, I cannot quarrel with an old man.’’

Do such gimmicks address the allegations really. Let’s call shorts to white washing and be serious especially when allegations are damningly serious like these.

Though it can be lightly and wrongly perceived as racism and hatred for Mengi to name five Tanzanians of Asian decent as the most corrupt in the country, there is truth in this. Why should it be racism or hatred to aver they are corrupt but not when it comes to owning our economy Why not when they’re given tenders and other preferential treatments.

As Rostam once said that those alleging he is corrupt are labouring under racism, petty jealousy and hatred, but again, is it racism really or corruption.

Suspects should mount reasonable defence in lieu of taking camouflage under the colour of their skin. For example, if someone says Indians own a big chunk of national housing, will this be referred to as racism? If one avers that Indians own over 75% of commerce in the country, will it be branded hatred. If one avers that Indian and Chinese illegal immigrants and hawkers are favoured by authorities, will this be jealousy.

Indians own almost every lucrative business. And now they’ve already penetrated into politics, thanks to rotten takrima law. They live in government houses whilst its workers make do on the outskirts of the city. They’ve remained holier than us since they were brought in by colonialists.

We well know. Indian business moguls are almost behind every stinking lucrative government tender. Refer to the radar, presidential jet purchase, NSSF, Richmond, EPA and what not.

Many will wonder why. It is simple. Corrupt government officials prefer to do dirty business with Indians. They can not divulge their secrets. They’re easy to intimidate and repatriate when things go wrong as it happened in Chavda scam. So indigenous ’fisadis’ are left out of the big picture.

And if you look at whom Tanzania prefers to award citizenship to, you’ll find that Indians outsmart others. They still do the same- being middlemen-the job for which colonialists brought them. When white colonialists left and black ones took over, the role of Indians remained the same almost everywhere in Africa. Go to Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and elsewhere. Indians are still doing the same job-weakening the indigenous for the good of corrupt rulers.

So to avert wasting time, if Kikwete could take a leaf from Mengi, our war on corruption would make more sense than it is today when it is but white washing.

In other words, corruption in Tanzania is like ’mduara’ dance. It’s conspiracy between venal rulers and their corrupt guests. It’s time to rally behind Mengi to see to it that those ’fisadis’ are not harming him. Shall they, Mtikila’s gabacholi era will be latched onto. And the government must stop its indifference. The ’isadis’ it has been asking for are now given pro bono.
FOR MORE,VISIT HIM AT freethinking unabii

16 Apr 2009

Mwanahalisi Merged
Mwanahalisi Merged JIMMY PHILEMON Article ya Mwanahalisi kuhusu ufisadi na 2010.

Picha kwa hisani ya Kennedy

5 Apr 2009


14 Oct 2008

25 Sept 2008

Kwa mujibu wa habari katika toleo la wiki hii la gazeti mahiri la Raia Mwema,Mkurugenzi wa Mashtaka (DPP) huko nyumbani alishatoa kibali cha kuwafungulia mashataka mafisadi lakini hadi sasa hakuna kinachoendelea.Kwa habari hiyo pamoja na nyingine na makala motomoto GONGA HAPA kusoma gazeti hilo mwanana.

Kwa mujibu wa The Citizen,Tanzania itakumbwa na mgao wa umeme wa masaa matano kwa siku kutokana na kuharibika kwa mitambo ya Songas.Let's hope this won't lead to another Richmond-like scam.Lakini pengine huu ni wakati mwafaka wa kujiuliza ni lini matatizo ya umeme yatakwisha nchini.Katika kipindi nilichokuwa nyumbani hivi karibuni,katika baadhi ya maeneo kama Sinza ilikuwa as if tayari kuna mgao wa umeme.Yayumkinika kuhisi kwamba kuna mafisadi wanaoombea tatizo hilo liwe kubwa zaidi ili watuumize tena.Who know,they might even be the force behind the Songas turbine collapse.

14 Jun 2008

Wapendwa,naomba mniwie radhi kwa kupotea hewani kwa muda mrefu.Nilikuja nyumbani kumuuguza mama mzazi lakini kwa bahati mbaya tarehe 29/05 Bwana aliamua kumchukua na kumrejesha kwake.Makanisani wanatuambia tulitoka kwenye mavumbi na tutarejea kwenye mavumbi.Nawashukuru nyote mlioshiriana nasi kumuombea mama apone na nyote mliotoa salamu za rambiarambi ambazo kwa hakika ndio zinazotuwezesha kuwa na nguvu ya kuingia tena bloguni.
Naomba kuwapatia makala chache ambazo kutokana na matatizo niliyokuwa nayo sikuweza kuzitundika hapa.Katika makala yangu ndani ya gazeti la Raia Mwema la tarehe 28/05 nilizungumzia suala la wagombea binafsi na kutabiri kwamba huo unaweza kuwa ndio kifo cha mafisadi.Makalahiyo ilikwenda kwa kichwa WAGOMBEA BINAFSI:KIFO CHA MAFISADI CHAJA. Katika toleo lililofuatia,yaani la tarehe 04/06,nilizunguzmia kuhusu utendaji kazi wa Mkurugenzi wa Mawasiliano wa Ikulu,Bwana Salva Rweyemamu.Zaidi,soma makala hiyo yenye kichwa KAULI ZA MKURUGENZI IKULU KUHUSU BALLALI MKANGANYIKO MTUPU.Makala ya wiki hii,yaani iliyotoka Jumatano ya tarehe 11/06 inazungumzia Mkutano wa Sullivan uliomalizika huko Arusha hivi karibuni.Katika makala hiyo nimejaribu kuhoji iwapo Mkutano huo umekuwa/utakuwa na faida yoyote kwa Watanzania.Makala hiyo imebeba kichwa kisemacho MKUTANO WA SULLIVAN:WAZAWA WAMENUFAIKA VIPI?

5 Mar 2008

Makala yangu ndani ya toleo la wiki hii la gazeti la Raia Mwema inatoa lawama kwa wale ambao baada ya kutajwa kwenye Ripoti ya "Tume ya Mwakyembe" wamekuja na ngonjera za ukabila,eti kuna mpango wa ethnic cleaning dhidi ya kabila flani.Pia makala hiyo inatoa changamoto kwa Bunge kutumia kasi ile ile ya "mwewe" (kama iliyomshukia Zitto Kabwe) kuwashukia wale wote wanaoikejeli Ripoti hiyo ilhali hilo ni kosa kisheria.Kadhalika,wito unatolewa katika makala hiyo kuharakisha uchukuzi wa hatua pindi yanapoibuka mambo yanayohitaji actions dhidi ya wahusika.Sambamba na hilo ni changamoto kwa wansheria "kununua kesi" dhidi ya mafisadi na vikundi vya kijamii kutoishia kulalamika tu bali kuchukua hatua dhidi ya mafisadi.Makala inamalizika kwa wito kwa CCM kutodhani taarifa kwamba kuna kundi la "Agenda 21" ni hadithi za kuvuta muda tu.Onyo la makala kwa chama hicho ni kwamba wakizembea,basi itakuwa kilio pindi maji yatakapozidi unga usiku wa manane wakati maduka yote yashafungwa.Pamoja na habari za makala nyingine zilizofanyiwa utafiti wa kina,soma makala yangu hiyo kwa KUBONYEZA HAPA

24 Jan 2008

Alfajiri hii nimepata barua-pepe kutoka kwa mtu mmoja anayeelekea kuumia moyo kwa namna navyoshutumu ufisadi na mafisadi.Mzembe huyo ametoa shutuma lukuki kuhusu makala zangu magazetini na humu "bloguni" kuhusiana na suala la ufisadi.Kwa kutompa ujiko aliokuwa anatafuta,nimeamua kupuuza barua-pepe hiyo na sikumjibu.Binafsi,nilikuwa natambua bayana kwamba mafisadi wameshabaini kwamba mtandao una nguvu pengine zaidi ya magazeti yetu huko nyumbani,hasa ikizingatiwa kwamba ni machache tu yaliyopo kwenye mtandao.Mapepe aliyeniandikia barua-pepe amejitahidi kadri ya uwezo wake mdogo alionao kuni-discourage kuandika chochote dhidi ya mafisadi,huku akidai kwamba sie tulio ughaibuni tuna tabia ya kujifanya tunajua kila kitu (cha ajabu ni kwamba naye anadai yuko ughaibuni,tena hapahapa Uingereza).

Sitaki kuifanya case yangu kuwa universal lakini naamini kwamba teknolojia ya habari kupitia mtandao imetokea kuwa silaha kubwa dhidi ya wanyonge na wakati huohuo ikiwa mwiba mkali dhidi ya ufisadi na mafisadi.Kuna watakaopambana nasi tunaopigia kelele ufisadi kwa vile wao ni vibaraka wa mafisadi na wengine watasigishana nasi kwa vile wao wenyewe ni mafisadi.Wito wangu kwa wale wote ambao kwa namna moja au nyingine wameamua kusimama kidete kupigania haki na usawa kwa kila Mtanzania,Mwafrika na raia wengine wa dunia wanaonaoporwa stahili zao,ni huu:kila kelele ya fisadi itafsiriwe kama full tank za mafuta ya mtambo wa kukabiliana na maovu kwenye jamii.

Kwa fisadi "wangu" Mapepe,pokea zawadi hii kutoka kwa Ludacris kwenye clip ya Get Back (Caution: explicit lyrics)

9 Jan 2008

Baada ya Barack Obama kuibuka kidedea huko Iowa,kuna wengi walioanza kuamini kwamba sura mpya imefunguliwa katika siasa za Marekani.Mimi sikuwa mmoja wao,na ushahidi unapatikana kwenye makala zangu zilizopita kuhusu ushindi huo wa Obama.Katika toleo la wiki hii la gazeti la Raia Mwema nimejaribu kuangalia namna imani na matumaini ya Obama yalivyomfikisha hapa alipo sasa.Napenda kusisitiza kwamba makala hiyo iliandaliwa kabla ya matokeo ya primaries huko New Hampshire ambapo Hillary Clinton ameibuka mshindi na kuwafanya baadhi ya wachambuzi wa siasa na waendesha kura za maoni "kulamba matapishi yao".

Nikipata muda mwafaka nitachambua kwa kirefu nini nachodhani kimechangia kugeuza upepo uliokuwa ukivuma kuelekea kwa Obama huko New Hampshire.Lakini kwa kifupi,nadhani waendesha kura za maoni waliokuwa wakimpa Obama nafasi kubwa ya ushindi huku wakitabiri kuwa Hillary ataanguka walisahau namna Bradley effect inavyoweza kuwazuga watu pindi panapokuwa mgombea Mweupe na Mweusi.Kwa kifupi kabisa,Bradley effect ni tabia katika chaguzi za Marekani  ambapo  wapiga kura watarajiwa ambao hawajafikia uamuzi watampa nani kura zao (undecided voters) hutoa mtizamo tofauti na namna watakavyopiga kura.Kimsingi,tabia hii huchochewa na ubaguzi wa rangi ambapo undecided voters Weupe huweza kudai kuwa hawajaamua wampe nani kura au kudai kuwa watampa kura mgombea Mweusi lakini huishia kumpa kura mgombea Mweupe.

Kama nilivyosema awali,makala yangu kwenye Raia Mwema inahusu namna imani inavyoweza kuyapa nguvu matumaini ili kufikia malengo flani.Nafasi ya Obama imetumiwa kama kielelezo tu cha namna imani mbalimbali huko nyumbani (kwa mfano,kwamba maisha bora kwa kila Mtanzania yanawezekana) zinavyoshindwa kuleta matumaini yanayokusudiwa kutokana na ufisadi,uzembe na ubabaishaji.Pamoja na makala nyingine zilizokwenda shule katika gazeti la Raia Mwema,bingirika na makala yangu hapa.

Baada ya kusoma makala hii sio vibaya ukiburudika na warembo hawa wa Blu3 na kitu chao Hitaji

19 Dec 2007

Wiki hii nazungumzia unafiki wa baadhi ya wanasiasa wetu wakongwe waliokuwa karibu na Mwalimu Nyerere.Mwalimu aliwaamini,nasi pia tuliwaamini.Walikuwa wakiongea "lugha" ya Mwalimu:ujenzi wa jamii sawa isiyo na matabaka,inayothamini utu wa binadamu na yenye kumpa Mtanzania matumaini katika ardhi aliyozaliwa.

Lakini wakongwe hawa wa siasa waligeuka kama vinyonga mara tu baada ya Mwalimu kung'atuka,lakini their true colours zimejidhihirisha zaidi baada ya kifo cha Baba wa Taifa.Unaweza kujiuliza:walikuwa wapi akina Kingunge wakati linapitisha Azimio la Zanzibar (lililoua Azimio la Arusha)?Au kwa hivi karibuni,wako wapi maswahiba wa Mwalimu wakati tunashuhudia taifa letu likimung'unywa na mafisadi kwa "madili-kichaa" kama ya IPTL,Richmond,Buzwagi,nk?

Katika makala hiyo nimejaribu kutoa mfano hai wa maisha yangu udogoni kuonyesha namna nilivyokwepa kuwa mnafiki,lakini nisikumalizie uhondo.Bingirika na makala hiyo HAPA na ufaidike pia na makala nyingine zilizokwenda shule ndani ya Gazeti la RAIA MWEMA.

28 Oct 2007

Asalam aleykum,

Kwanza nianze kwa salamu za rambirambi kwa familia,ndugu,jamaa na marafiki wa marehemu Salome Mbatia,aliyetutoka hivi majuzi kutokana na ajali ya gari.Sote ni wasafiri,mwenzetu ametutangulia tu,Bwana ametoa Bwana ametwaa,jina lake lihimidiwe milele.Baada ya rambirambi hizo naomba kuzungumzia suala moja ambalo kwa naona kwa namna flani linaathiri umoja wetu wa kitaifa.Jambo hilo ni kuendekeza itikadi za chama kwenye matukio ambayo kimsingi ni ya kitaifa zaidi kuliko kichama.Katika picha mbalimbali kuhusu msiba wa marehemu Mbatia nimeona “makada” lukuki wa chama tawala wakiwa katika magwanda yao ya kijani na nyeusi.Nikabaki najiuliza,hivi waungwana hao wangevaa mavazi yao ya kawaida wangeonekana hawana majonzi ya msiba huo?Au walivaa mavazi hayo kwa maagizo ya kiongozi flani?Kama ni maagizo kutoka ngazi za juu,mbona viongozi wakuu wa chama hicho walikuwa kwenye mavazi yao ya kawaida tu (hasa suti nyeusi)?JK,Malecela,Karume,Makamba,nk wote walikuwa wamevalia suti nyeusi na wala sio magwanda ya kijani na nyeusi,pengine kwa sababu msiba huo ulikuwa wa kitaifa,na hata jeneza la marehemu halikuvikwa bendera ya CCM bali ya Taifa.

Nafahamu marehemu Mbatia alikuwa mwanachama,kada na kiongozi wa chama dume,lakini marehemu pia alikuwa naibu waziri wa serikali ambayo japo inaongozwa na CCM lakini inawatumikia Watanzania wote bila kujali itikadi zao.Katika utekelezaji wa majukumu yake ya unaibu waziri,marehemu Mbatia alikuwa akigusa maisha ya kila Mtanzania,awe mwanachama wa CUF,TLP,Chadema,au kama sie tusio memba wa chama chochote.Nafahamu waliovaa magwanda ya CCM watasema kuwa walitinga mavazi hayo kutokana na nafasi ya marehemu katika chama,lakini sote tunafahamu kuwa alama za chama (mfano bendera,vipeperushi,mavazi,nk) zina tabia ya kuvuta hisia hasi katika mikusanyiko ya isiyo ya kichama.Nafahamu pia kwamba kila mwombolezaji alikuwa na haki ya kuvaa vyovyote atakavyo lakini pia naamini wengi wetu tunapojiandaa kwenda kwenye misiba huwa tunatafakari nini cha kuvaa,na kuepuka mavazi ambayo yanaweza kuleta hisia tofauti.

Hakuna dhambi kuweka maslahi ya chama mbele ya chama kingine lakini ni dhambi kubwa kuweka maslahi ya chama mbele ya maslahi ya taifa.Chama cha siasa kinaweza kufa lakini taifa lazima liendelee kuwa hai.Mtu anaweza kuamua kuhama chama kimoja na kuingia kingine kadri apendavyo,lakini ni mbinde kwelikweli kuhama utaifa wako na kuchukua mwingine kirahisi namna hiyo.Nafahamu kuna watakaopingana nami,lakini binafsi naamini kwamba kuna wenzetu wamekuwa wakituletea “politiki” hata pale pasipostahili.Yaani matukio kadhaa ya kitaifa yamekuwa yakiporwa na hao wanaotaka kutuonyesha namna gani walivyo wakereketwa kwenye siasa.Na katika hili sio wanachama wa kawaida tu bali hata baadhi ya viongozi wenye nyadhifa serikalini.Kuweka kando mambo ya chama na kuzungumzia masuala ya kitaifa hakumfanyi kiongozi wa serikali kukosa sifa za uongozi.Kuna vikao na mikutano ya chama,na huko ndiko mahala pa kupiga propaganda za vyama.

Kwa kawaida huwa naanza makala zangu na habari za ughaibuni lakini niliona ni vema katika makala hii nikaanza na mada hiyo ya msiba wa marehemu Mbatia,na “kuwananga” wale walioleta mambo ya siasa kwenye msiba huo wa kitaifa.Huku ughaibuni,duru za kisiasa zinaelekea zaidi eneo la Ghuba ambapo kwa upande mmoja hali ya usalama ni ya wasiwasi huko kaskazini mwa Irak kwani majeshi ya Uturuki yameripotiwa kufanya mashambulizi kadhaa dhidi ya Wakurd.Waturuki wanadai kuwa lengo la mashambulizi hayo ni kuwadhibiti wapiganaji wa kikundi cha PKK kinachipigania kuunda kwa taifa huru la Wakurd.Kwa upande mwingine,kuna dalili kwamba Marekani inajiandaa kuivamia Iran.Majuzi,Marekani ilitangaza vikwazo kadhaa dhidi ya Iran,lakini zaidi ya hapo kuna taarifa kwamba jeshi la anga (US air force) limeomba fedha za dharura dola milioni 88 kwa ajili ya kufanya marekebisho kwenye ndege za kivita ziitwazo B2 ili ziweze kuhimili uzito wa mabomu yanayojulikana kama “Big Blu” au “the Mother of All Bombs” (mama wa mabomu yote).Mabomu hayo yana uzito wa takriban tani 13 kila moja,na yana uwezo mkubwa zaidi wa kupenya vizuizi (ardhi,miamba,nk).Inasemekana kuwa majengo ya kituo cha nyuklia cha Iran huko Natanz yapo futi 75 chini ya ardhi,Inaelezwa pia kwamba tayari Marekani imeshatambua “targets” 1000 nchini Iran ambazo zitakuwa za kwanza kushambuliwa pindi mambo yatapokuwa mambo.

Mahesabu ya kisiasa yanaashira pia kwamba wazo la mkutano kati ya Israel na Palestina utakaofanyika hivi karibuni huko Annapolis,Marekani (ambao unatarajiwa “kuzaa” taifa la Palestina) ni miongoni mwa dalili za Marekani kujipanga kuivamia Iran.Yaani mantiki hapo ni kwamba kwa kuunda taifa la Palestina,kelele za mataifa ya Waarabu wa Sunni kama Saudi Arabia na Misri zitakuwa sio kubwa sana pindi Iran itakaposhambuliwa na Marekani.Hata hivyo,wazo la kuishambulia Iran linaangaliwa kwa wasiwasi na baadhi ya wajuzi wa siasa za kimataifa na diplomasia.Kuna wanaodhani kwamba ni vema Marekani ikamaliza kibarua ilichojipachika huko Irak na Afghanistan kabla ya kukimbilia kuivamia Iran.Pia wanaonya kwamba uvamizi dhidi ya Iran unaweza kuzua wimbi kubwa la ugaidi wa kimataifa (pengine kutokana na madai kwamba Iran imekuwa ikivisaidia baadhi ya vikundi vinavyodaiwa kuwa vya kigaidi,mfano Hizbollah),kukongoroa kabisa hali ya usalama nchini Irak na pengine kusababisha bei ya mafuta kupanda zaidi ya dola 100 kwa pipa.

Sababu zinazotolewa na Marekani kuhusu umuhimu wa kuidhibiti Iran ni pamoja na kwamba dunia itakuwa mahala salama zaidi iwapo Iran haitakuwa na uwezo wa kutengeneza au kumiliki silaha za nyuklia (ilishasemwa huko nyuma kuwa dunia itakuwa salama zaidi pindi Saddam Hussein atapong’olewa madarakani).Ukweli ni kwamba Iran yenye uwezo wa kinyuklia ni tishio kwa swahiba mkuu wa Marekani,Israel.Pia kuna wanaotaka Bush aingie kwenye vitabu vya historia kwa “kuiadhibu na kuidhibiti Iran na hivyo kuepusha madhara yanayoweza kutokea pindi nchi hiyo ikiweza kutengeneza na kumiliki silaha za maangamizi”.Waumini wa mawazo haya wanatambua kuwa Bush amebakiwa na muda mchache kabla hajafungasha virago vyake kutoka jengo lilipo namba 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (makazi ya rais,White House),na wanadhani kwamba asipotumia muda huu kuishikisha adabu Iran,basi inaweza kuwa vigumu mno kufanya hivyo mbeleni hususan iwapo mgombea yoyote wa chama cha Democrats atamrithi Bush.

Nirejee tena huko nyumbani.Hapa nina mawili.Kwanza,katika kikao kilichopita cha Bunge tulisikia namna baadhi ya watendaji katika Wizara ya Maliasili na Utalii wanavyoendeleza ufisadi.Waziri alieleza kuwa ameshakabidhi orodha ya wahusika mahala panapostahili,na akaahidi kuendelea kuwabana mafisadi katika wizara hiyo.Tukio la hivi karibuni ambapo magogo kadhaa yalikamatwa yakiwa tayari kusafirishwa nje,limezuia “mchezo wa kuigiza” ambapo wakati Waziri anasema hivi baadhi ya watendaji wake wanadiriki kumpinga hadharani kwa kusema vinginevyo.Hivi hawa wanaompinga Waziri wanapata jeuri hiyo wapi?Nimeona kwenye gazeti la “Habari Leo” ambapo Waziri Maghembe alieleza kwamba amejipanga vizuri kukabiliana na matatizo yote ndani ya wizara yake,ikiwa ni pamoja na tatizo la ufisadi.Yayumkinika kutabiri kuwa dhamira yake nzuri inaweza isifanikiwe kutokana na kiburi kilichojengwa na baadhi ya anaowaongoza katika wizara hiyo ambapo bila kujali protokali au nidhamu wanadiriki kupinga hadharani na kauli halali ya serikali (kupitia waziri wake).Hivi jeuri,kiburi na kujiamini kwa “wazalendo” hao inatoka wapi?

Mwisho,ni ushindi wa Simba dhidi ya Yanga.Mwenye kununa na anune,lakini ndio hivyo tena,milioni 50 hazikufanikiwa kumaliza uteja wa watani wetu wa mtaa wa Jangwani.Nilishatabiri katika makala za nyuma kuwa atakaefungwa kwenye mapambano wa watani wa jadi ataingia kwenye mgogoro.Mie nadhani kufungwa huko ni sehemu ndogo tu ya tatizo linaloikabili Yanga.Ukiangalia maelezo aliyotoa Mwenyekiti wa klabu hiyo pale mfadhili wao alipojitoa (kwa muda!?) ambapo alieleza kwa undani na kwa kuzingatia vipengele vya sheria kuhusu utata uliopo kwenye suala zima la klabu hiyo kugeuzwa kampuni.He!!muda si mrefu Mwenyekiti huyohuyo alisikika tena akipita huku na kule kuomba radhi.Je ina maana yale maelezo aliyotoa awali hayakuwa sahihi?Mie naamini yalikuwa,bado yako na yataendelea kuwa sahihi kama kweli Yanga (na Simba pia) wanataka wafike sehemu wakajiendesha wenyewe kwa mafanikio na kuachana na utegemezi.Yote yanawekana iwapo kila mmoja atatimiza wajibu wake.



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